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    Indian Education System

    Is it true that Indian history needs to be rewritten correctly?
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    Manoj Kumar you should have elaborated your views in more detailed way so that that lots of interaction could have been done on this hot topic. What I understand from your perception that the Indian education system should have been more vibrant so that the education should have been Industry oriented and the jobs could have been offered easily without seeking for the customary training and then taking as the employee. In most of the manufacturing and service Industries they are insisting for experience or being taken as fresher to be trained and then considered as regular employee. That means the Industries and organizations are not ready to accept our scale of education to their use and wants to probable candidate to be trained as per their requirement and if this anomaly has been addressed then many would get direct jobs easily.
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    Welcome, Manoj Kumar here. A single sentence in the forum will not give the correct description of the topic and also we don't understand your viewpoint on the subject. So always it is better to give some details about the subject and also a few words about your opinions also. Indian history is written in such a way that our ancestor's good works are not reflected in that. Some of the real people who strived for the welfare of the country were sidelined or ignored and only some people only were highlighted. I think it is better to rewrite all the history textbooks and all the people who struggled for the country's well being and betterment should be mentioned in those books. Now some schools already started teaching real history to the children in addition to the history books.
    Otherwise, after 2 or 3 generations the students will never know about our ancient books and the greatness of these books. Now it is high time the governments should start thinking in those lines.

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    Thank you very much, Sir, for your opinion on my points. I want to say that whatever I read during school and college time about our Indian culture and our ancient heritage and our historic hero is totally different from the actual truth. For this, firstly I want to thank all those social networking platforms and another source of authentic information of this information technology era that is telling the real truth of our past with proof.

    I am shocked to know that our ancient heritage, culture and our historical heroes have been dominated and our history has been distorted. Is this done in a pre-planned manner or is ignorance subdued?

    As far as we feel, the proof of this is being seen today, that most of the youth of today make fun of their own glorious history and culture and look at it with hindsight. Which is being taken advantage of by greedy and fanatic people of other religion. If it goes on like this, then it is scared to think about what will be the result in the future.

    I am optimistic that the victory of our historic truth will definitely win and our historic hero will definitely get the honour that he deserves. Our next generations will definitely read about our proud history and our brave historic men who sacrificed his life for country.

    I think there should be more explore on this topic.

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    I feel so. Indian history has to be learned by us from the perspective as Indian.
    Now we are only taught about many wars and attacks by external conquerors. Our history should not give importance to the conquerors and terrorists. We have many many heroes and Great emperors and Kings who did a lot to the welfare of the people.
    What we should be taught is there was a glorious India before the British and the British did a lot harm to us.
    Our children should be taught how our assets were looted and taken away by cheating and fraud by various people who were welcomed here as our guests.
    Our children should be taught to feel proud about the ancient glory when we had the knowledge of the Universe, scientific knowledge, Mathematics, astronomy, environment and eco system, economics, arts and architecture, etc. They should be taught with proof that we were far more advanced in so early period, when the world was not that much advanced.
    Why should our students be compelled to learn about leaders of other countries when we have hundreds of such leaders, reformists and patriots in different parts of our country? Student in Southern parts of India should learn about the North, West and Eastern parts of country and vice versa. Students in lower classes should be taught only about India. They should be taught about the different geography, weather, languages, food varieties, dress and such other things and with that about the unity as Indians. Our students should be taught another Indian language apart from local language.
    Education system should be able to create self-confidence and pride in our new generation about our country. In short every student should be taught to know about India well first

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    Welcome Manoj, to this portal commonly known as ISC. I hope you might have gone through the rules, regulations and policies of this site and that would help you to contribute more effectively. I do not want to repeat what Mr Mohan has already suggested and your later response has affirmed that you have writing potential and I would suggest you to contribute in various sections here and also participate in various contests that are announced time to time.

    Our education system was devised by some of the educationists in the early post independence arena and it is possible that they did some error in their judgement regarding what to include and what not to include in our school text books and unfortunately whatever was decided remained there for a long period and no one raised a voice or protest for that. This awakening that our own culture and importance should reflect more in our text books came very late but things can be corrected anytime they are found as wrong or misleading. So the present Govt can always form a committee of scholars who can examine all these aspects from uniformity of education in the country to modifications in the contents in text book. Let us hope it would be taken up soon so that the concerns of a larger number of people of India are mitigated.

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