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    Let's learn and discuss about the weird yet beautiful Indian tribes.

    Tribal people are the most interesting people. They not only relish different moods and feelings with individual they meet but also infuse a spark and varied color with their traditions and specially the gifts they offer to normal visitors who go there.

    Let's start with the Chenchus tribe of Andhra Pradesh who have a quite modern tradition of marrying. Where most of the royal societies of India don't allow love marriages and widow marriages, these tribal people are quite open to marry whosoever they feel like marrying. Not only this they also give the widows the right to marry again. This is not only unique but also allows us to learn how to practice the right to freedom of living.

    Coming to the Bheels of Rajasthan. In this tribe equal importance is given to the women. They are not only free to go anywhere they want but also they have the freedom to enjoy all the pleasures one wants to just like any other man. Although they have a unique tradition of polygamy given to women to practice marrying many men of her choice which is not entertained by our government under lawful sections.
    The Khasi tribe of Meghayala has a unique system of divorce. The man gives an amount of money to his lady who further adds similar amount in that. The total sum is then given by them to their elders. The elders then throw that amount a river or bury it somewhere. The divorce is said to have been completed then.

    Our tribes have certainly a varied culture. I would appreciate if you all add to these cultures by showering your knowledge about the other tribes of the country.
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    Good information from the author and we came to know some good practices by some tribes in India. Many tribals will not get into the mainstream of the country and they will have their own set of rules and they follow that without any deviations. Unfortunately, they don't even know the rights they have in democratic India A good post from the author.
    always confident

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