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    Animals have better understanding than human beings.

    I hope I am not wrong in saying this, and everyone will agree with my saying. Animals and birds have a better understanding than human beings. Only thing is that their expression is not understandable to the human being. Animals act on their own, they understand the nature and the behaviors of human beings. Animals communicate better than human beings.

    In one thread, one member has said that animals can understand the Eclipse and they hide during the period of eclipse. It is true. Do we tell the animals that there going to be an Eclipse? Animals take shelter well in advance, prior to any natural calamity like earthquake or Tsunami.

    Do you really wonder about it?
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    Even if we see human beings who are challenged otherwise will have more intelligence. A deaf and dumb boy will understand our conversation based on our lip moment. We may not be able to understand by the lip moment. Animals and birds can't express, we feel. They can communicate with each other with other same animals. A crow can communicate with another crow. But we can't understand their language. Some birds and animals can anticipate the changes in the atmosphere early and they will take care of themselves before something happens to them. We all know that ants will reserve food for the rainy season as they can't go out on rainy days.
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    Animals have understanding. They can observe and understand situations. It is seen that pet animals rescue their master when they see them in life and death situations. There are many recorded events in social media even now when the pet animals rush to help their human friends or masters from some attacks or dangers.
    Animals have certain sense of forearming when they pick up some strange signals which we humans do not hear or feel or see. Even now human depend on animals body language to guard against coming danger. Animals can sense the approaching rains, eclipse and even earthquake those who have studied animal and bird behaviour say. In this even lower creatures are also have innate capabilities.

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    Animals, by birth, are bestowed with the limited essential knowledge required for living in the animal kingdom. Some more learning is gained instinctively or taken by its own mother such as hunting or protection from being hunted.
    Their language is limited to some words or signs which they naturally understand.

    E.g. See the hatching process of chicken: When time comes it pokes a small hole with its egg tooth, it is called pipping. It rests for a day and then it makes a line in the middle part of the egg by poking with its egg tooth, it is called zipping and when it comes out of the shell of the egg it instinctively begins to peck the grains while clucking.

    But Man is the most advanced creature. Sky is the limit for gaining the knowledge or exploring the hidden secrets of nature or universe or finding new discoveries or doing unprecedented inventions.

    How animals can surpass Man in uncanny ability of understanding the different languages ?

    However, animals are bestowed with some special powers like watching Satan, angels, jinns and perceiving the natural calamities prior to their timings of inception. Reason is that Man is accountable on the judgement day and they are not.

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    Animals move with the nature and they know when the sun rises and they know when the dawn is going to happen. So during the eclipse time the weather would be changing. For example during total solar eclipse, the day would become nearly evening or morning with little visibility and the animals especially the birds would be returning to the nests to safeguard its siblings. Likewise the animals would also go into hiding into their resting place or temporary hideouts. It is the fact that the animal kingdom know the after effects of the eclipse and thus stay put inside their caves. Opposite my house they were having seven dogs and I have keenly observed that the dogs would go inside and keep silent without even making noise. These dogs always be on the front of the house chasing the passerby and other animals.
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    Out of all the animals on this Earth, humans are having the most advanced form of consciousness and that has made the human race to progress so much in the materialistic ways inventing the various machines and discovering the mysteries of nature. Still we are only in our elementary stage as regards to the amazing nature and its understanding by the humans. Science is said to be at its nascent stage only if we really consider the complexities of nature.

    Animals on the other hand are having a lower level of consciousness and cannot act or think like the humans do but some of them have some consciousness about the direction of the sun, magnetic field of the Earth and experience of changing annual weathers on Earth. For example the migratory birds travel a long distance from the far Northern places to the equatorial regions during the winter and return in summer. During this time many of their offsprings are born in this place of migration only and they return back with their parents to their original place of dwelling. So chicks learn from the elders the return path only to follow it the next summer. Similarly the monarch butterflies travel a long distance from North America to Some place in Mexico and repeat this migratory journey year after year. So some sort of sense and consciousness is there in these animals to some extent and is utilised in the limited ways. Another example is if you beat your pet once but then give them some food and behave friendly, it will forget and become friendly as earlier. They do not remember and do not take revenge. That itself is the sign of lower level of consciousness.

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    Animals have the gift of everything that it requires to survive. They know to hatch or give birth, they know to build their nest or home, they know their leader and their foe, they understand whats their strength and weakness, etc. We don't have to teach them about these things as they are born with these qualities. Every bird has their way of building their nest, flying, jumping, running, etc and they are not taught as we teach our children.

    For humans, everything has to be taught. After birth, our parents take care of us, they teach us to eat, walk, run, play, think, learn, sow, pluck, good, bad, etc. At every stage of life, we need guidance and light to walk through, we need a teacher, a guide, a leader, a counsellor, a friend, a partner, children, friends and foe to be what we are.

    We, humans, are the most powerful creature of God but we need to learn everything from others, we have mind or brain to think but yet don't understand, we have a heart but still are short of love and affection, we have law and order yet there are crimes, we understand nature and everything in it yet cannot understand its requirement, needs, safety, etc. If we keep everything in mind, we can surely say that the animals have a better understanding than human beings.

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