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    Are we not going back to our primitive days?

    It is alleged that man was an ape or monkey during the primitive days. The shape of the face of a monkey has some difference from man. Now, with the Corona, we all are compelled to wear a mask to look like monkeys. Yes. I am serious. We all are looking like an ape or monkey with a bulging cheek and projecting front.

    This is a funny thread for fun and joy. Let your responses be filled with fun and joy.
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    During this Corona Virus, we have gone back to our old days. We all respected our old customs and we started following them. Many old habits like changing the clothes after coming back to home, eating food only after changing the clothes,
    Except for communication systems, all other modern transport facilities, 5 stars hotels, good restaurants to eat out and similar things have vanished and everybody started eating in house only. The lifestyle remembered the lifestyle of our forefathers. I many times told this to m wife.
    Many of the human beings will be having the qualities of apes in their behaviour now with these masks as explained by the author gave resemblances to the face of an ape also. But ape will have a tail but human beings are not having that that may not happen that easily.

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    Mr Rao,
    Apes don't have a tail. Only Monkeys have.

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    Definitely we are living life as primitive people used to live. These days everything is restricted due to pandemic. We started to live traditional life as for e.g- washing hand before eating, eating home made food only, washing hand and feet after returning to home, no shaking hand etc. We are being away from modernity except communication system. As far as our looking is concerned, we look like monkey or ape after wearing mask. Finally I would like to say that we should respect our old tradition and culture not for today only but future also.

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    I can agree with your title question in only one point. While we claim to be more advanced in Health and medicine, we are helpless against a micro virus. We are left to the mercy of nature and our own inbuilt mechanism. So really we are in the same state when we were in the jungles, as primitive and subject to mercy of nature's elements. All our claims appear as just false and fiction.

    We are now bringing back many of our old habits which we threw away as primitive and uncivilised. We are forced eat back our words and deeds. If some more catastrophes fall on us (God Forbid that) we may have retraced our steps back and back to the earliest primitive stage too. Let us not blow and bloat with ego to the level of bursting.

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    A few days back, I saw a set of photos where people wore masks using all their imagination skills. Amongst them a man wore neem leaves to cover his mouth, a women put on cabbage leaves to cover her face, printable face masks. A young boy dressed himself like Sri Hanuman as if he is going to enact in a drama. They also reused plastic bottles as masks. The Halloween and tribal masks also was one of those. These images tore an idea for my thread
    trees wearing a cultural mask to sway all the way
    Those people made me laugh or cry, I really wonder as my family members could not follow both expressions on my face. It is a memorable moment which just sprouted out from the author's views on apes.

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    Sun, Thank you for the information. I am thinking apes also will have tails. Now after seeing your post I searched in Google and it also says there is no tail for an ape. This is an education for me.
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