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    Should we not update our knowledge on Milk in India?

    India has 30 states. Each state has its own government-run dairy farm that supplies milk to the whole state. They also supply milk products. These dairy farms have a brand name.

    I wish to know the name of the government-run dairy farms of Indian states. ISC contains members from all states of India. It is easy get their names.

    I am from Tamilnadu. The dairy name is "Aavin".
    Presently I am staying in Karnataka. The dairy name is "Nandini"

    Let us know the name of your state's dairy farm.
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    The Telangana government-run dairy supplies the milk on the name of Vijaya.
    The Andhra Pradesh government supplies the milk on the name of Visaka Milk.
    The quality of these products are better when compared to the milk supplied by private dairies in both states.

    always confident

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    In AP in Krishna, Guntur zone we have Sangam Diary and in another zone we have Visaka Diary. In Telangana state government run Vijaya dairy. These diary farms run by government will provide all kinds of milk products.

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