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    Will home schooling become an acceptable upcoming alternative?

    Considering the focus on learning from home through online sources, I was thinking about those parents who opted out of regular schooling for their children and chose to teach their kids themselves at home. For them, in the current scenario, it would not be a new factor in the whole education process.

    Do you think homeschooling will become more acceptable and a common trend?
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    Yes, I think so, the homeschooling would be an acceptable upcoming alternative in India due to the present scenario. I think it is a good option and it would be accepted by different boards. The parents themselves teach the students at home with the syllabus recognised by NCERT and the different board can conduct an exam after the session. By the evaluation of the exam, the students should be promoted to the next class.

    Some people are asking for declaring zero years in this session, but homeschooling is the better alternative of the situation. Homeschooling should be recognized and it would be a good alternative and may open a new door in the Indian education system.

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    Yes, it is acceptable when one of the parent is able to spare valuable time and is a literare person. As the saying goes home is the first school, and also children learn culture from homes. There are many courses on parenting which helps teachers alsoso that children gain knowledge. Most of the families have a smart phone and internet is used by all. Even an illiterate parent who has a basic idea to use internet facility can help their child. With the help of any elder child or relative the primary children can be taught. It may not be so effective but the basic knowledge can help students.

    They may learn some extra concepts which may be higher to their level or some may be lower. This depends on how the parent has understood his or her child's mental abilities over a period of years.

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    Homeschooling is always a good alternative but I do not know how far it can be implemented throughout the country. The basic thing is to learn and a child needs books and a person to teach her/him the basics and also to answer the queries on various subjects. With the help of a good private tutor, the studies can be managed at home but the parents have to be vigilant. There are many parents who think that it is the responsibility of the 'school' to make the children a responsible human being. A child is inside the school for some time and spending the rest of the day at home under the guidance of the parents. The parents have a great role in shaping the lives of children. When it comes to homeschooling, the responsibility of the parents is even greater. They need to find a good teacher and also have to guide the children on a regular basis. The students of the distant villages will face some problems because there are not enough good teachers in villages.

    If we think of online education, then a desktop or a laptop is required because a mobile device is not much suitable for learning. The limitation of the size of the screen and functionality of mobile devices is the reason. Nowadays, studies can be managed without a computer till a certain level but after that one needs a computer. Affordability of computer to the masses in our country is still a big problem which can pose some threat to homeschooling. Otherwise, those who can afford that it's always a good alternative.


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    There are some parents who are willing as well as capable to teach their children in home. But all the parents do not have such calibres. Most of us are tuned to sending the children to school or coaching centre and many of us are not ready to take the responsibilities of teaching our children. So, in this scenario some parents may continue this in future also but to make it common in our households Seems a distant possibility.
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    If children can learn from online why not parents? They too can check the concepts through online, understand it and teach their children later on.
    If syllabus and contents are known, it will be much clear to encourage the students to recall and retrieve information. Some parents complain about their wards interest in studies. If so, here are a few strategies to be followed by parents when the child is not interested in studies. This strategies will help to meet the requirements of parents and children.

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    Homeschooling is a good concept and we can say that we would be going back to our Gurukul era. Earlier, we had the so-called homeschooling and it is reflected in our ancient scriptures where the children would be sent to Gurus and they would keep them and teach them. Then we had the so-called small Anganwadi or Balwadi where small children would learn alphabets and rhymes.

    Now due to pandemic situation throughout the state, country and world, as a precautionary measure, we are going back to our old tradition of learning from home. A home is the best place to be and if one has the facilities, it would be a more convenient and easy way of learning.

    Some thoughts need to be cleared when we think of homeschooling in the so-called new-gen era.
    a) We are all living in a small house or are nuclear family, both parents going to work, who will teach the child?
    b) Do all the homes have common facilities required for homeschooling?
    c) Are both the parents or elders in the family ready to teach or know the syllabus to teach their children?
    d) Will the children be ready to learn without strictness that is followed in the school?
    e) Who can guide the child when in doubt or find difficulty in learning or concept?

    If we are able to come up with some solutions, I think homeschooling would become an acceptable trend alternative in the coming years in India.

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    Homeschooling is a good option. But parents should the time and also knowledge and Patience. If they can't do on their own, one can go for a tutor. The tutor will come home and teach the kids. But this will be a very costly affair and at the same time, we can't leave the kids completely on this tutor. He may teach for 2 or 3 hours and leave. After that, the kids should be observed and see that they will study the subject. If educated grandparents are living with them, homeschooling will be the best option. Even though parents can't spare time, the grandparents can take care of them and teach the kids. But these the concept of nuclear families has emerged and grandparents may not be staying with grandchildren. So chances are very less for this also. In such a case, homeschooling will not be a viable solution.
    If one of the parents can put some interest in the education of the children, the homeschooling will be the best option and if necessary they can engage a tutor also.

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    It is a little difficult to imaging the scenario of homeschooling being adopted by the majority of parents. Keeping aside the aspects of space constraints, the time required, both parents working, and so on, I feel parents would not opt for it with the worry that their children will not be able to get a job and have a strong career without getting the formal education of a school setting. They will feel that their children will lag behind in this contemporary world.
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    Home schooling isn't new or unprecedented system of education. You can teach your child at home- yourself or got him taught by a tutor and If the child deserves to get the admission in 6th class will be admitted directly provided that your child pass a test conducted by the school. It's acceptable at least in UP Board Allahabad.

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    I think home school has become the failure because there is no teacher in front of the child and since the classes are told not with interaction mode, the children are putting the on line class on the recording mode so that they can learn the same at any given time. Moreover most of the parents are not having the required gadgets at their disposal. The smart phones cannot be parted with the children for the fear of misusing to see unwanted contents on the net. The families does not have the money to go for the desk top or lap tops for the kids as for the three months the hand to mouth existence has pinched many. Most of the Hyderabad old city students are not at all caring the online classes as they are not being cornered by their parents nor the teachers. Thus I feel even this 2020-21 academic year would also go waste this way.
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    The famous 'Panchatantra" stories evolved from the reason and need of home teaching to some princes. So home teaching was prevalent and was effective too.In early days during the British rule in India, we have heard many people learning at home by tutors and governesses. So it is not at all a new phenomenon in our country.
    However after the common schooling in dedicated institutions like schools and colleges became popular and prevalent, the home schooling came to end. It became home tuition which worked as a support and aid to the common popular external schooling. This got revived after distance learning became accepted. Distance learning got improved and improvised as online learning.
    As a latest t development during the Covid lockdown online learning from home became imperative. But it may not be continued as an alternative to frontline schooling but may remain as an aid and support behind.
    There were two GDs between five years. 1. Are online courses an effective way of education?. and
    2. With the developments post-COVID 19, Online classes are here to stay. Agree or disagree?
    In both GDs all the dimensions were debated and there were opinion that online classes will not replace the frontline schooling in Schools and Colleges, but will play a relevant role in other areas of education and advanced learning.
    For the time being due to Covid scare, home schooling will be depended upon, but once that is over it will back to schools and colleges again.

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    Practically our present day parents will not accept for this option. As both of them in many houses employed, if home schooling introduced it is very difficult to them to leave their children in the house lonely. On the other hand, the children also either depressed by over straining, have no time to relax and they seek alternatives to avoid the online study.
    Alternatively schools with hostel facilities can be introduced with nominal fees. But the trend is now many schools are draining extraordinary fees and parents also ready to offer such fees as the schools are introduced many extra curriculum activities to hold the students busy in such activities after school time.

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