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    Do you think corruption rate has increased or decreased from our ancestors time to present?

    Corruption is a word which take its origin in the dictionary from our ancestors time itself with regard to Indian history. Even in Gandhiji's era where large number of people are considered to be very honest and there are cases where some corruption has occurred. So there is no time in the history where corruption is recorded. At present there are new technologies involved to ptevent corruption. But through various breaches of technologies people indulging in corruption practices. Do you think that corruption has increased from our ancestors time to present? What are your suggestions to eliminate corruption from public life?
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    Possibly the level of corruption rose to such an extent that we all are thinking about ways to reduce corruption. Corruption was there from ancient times and with the advancement of technologies the corrupt practices have increased manifold. If the corrupts roam scot-free in and around the country there is no way to minimise it. Technology can help a lot to reduce corruption but the foremost important thing is stricter punishment for the corrupts. Many rules are framed to stop corruption at a different level but those rules are tweaked by the persons framing the rules and it takes an awfully long time to convict those who are corrupt. By the time the punishment is announced people lose interest in the case and a lot more corruption takes place in between. There are many among us who indulge in corruption. Paying bribes to get the job done is one such instance and we all have a role towards society. We need to speak up jointly whenever there is a corruption in any locality or department and have to confront the corrupts unanimously. If we do not speak up and think that framing laws and punishing the corrupts will reduce corruption then it would be wrong. We all need to play our role to check corruption.

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    Like many thousands in our country, I am also only an ordinary law abiding middle class citizen. My requirements are very less. We don't have and don't deal in big money or big matters. Hence I may not have occasions to know about many of these things. Our experiences are limited to Village Office, Ration shop and Ration office, government hospital, government schools, Municipal or Panchayat Offfice, government buses etc. I did not have occasion to experience corruption within the limits of my dealing with such places.

    However, from the talk of people some years ago and now, I understand that corruption is very much less. But still, where big money is paying, big matters are handled and dealt, I guess corruption still persists; as I understand from various ''scoops and exposures' in media.

    Small and ordinary people face quite less corruption nowadays. We have to admit that a lot has been done in this regard by the present central government. Still a lot more has to be done.

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    Corruption has become a big tree extending it's roots and rioting the citizens whuch may continue for the next upcoming generations too.
    Starting from the conductors in the private and government buses, admission to colleges,
    to all the offices where we have to get our work done. We are ought to pay as we will be a rat in the mouth's of snakes to get our work done. There is no other means at all. People have to understand by themselves that amount thus gained will not stay for long time. To our disguise we cannot trace such good human beings in this twentieth century.

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