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    Amazing architecture of Google Map application

    Recently, while searching for some local provision shops, novelty stores, medical stores, and doctor clinics, I found that Google map is one powerful program which is able to give all these information and has taken everything under its fold. You can search nearby places by entering name and it gives the details of them like locations, phone numbers etc and also suggests some similar places nearby. There were reviews and comments also about these places. Going deeper in that I found that Google has made volunteer local guides in every area who time to time upload the photos, details about these places and in turn earn some points from Google for that. So, through a large network of these volunteers, Google is updating the information and those who need it get it just by using Google map. I found it amazing as it was so useful. The reviews of local shops and places is really very helpful. Members, do you use Google map to find out such information in your area? Please share your experiences in this regard. Did you find it as a useful application?
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    Once I have seen that a car mounted with camera on either side of the vehicle was filming every road and street in Hyderabad. Firstly I was mistaken for Discovery channel making a video on streets. When the car stopped, I asked the person about the filming. He said that they are making video and images for the Google maps and identification of spots. This has happened three years back. I have seen this vehicle at RTC cross roads and Ramnagar and now we can seen so many shop images of that place placed on the Google search. Apart from this Google is having its own drone camera and they are filming the apartments, plots and homes which are now being used by the municipal authorities for any violation of construction in the past. So this is not new and Google has been increasing its data base and there would not be competitor at all.
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    I am so much impressed by their local guide concept that I have also joined it as a local guide mainly to edit and correct some of the small mistakes that I have found in that voluminous data and hope to fine tune it at least for my local area in this town. It is something like helping each other to find correct information there. Is anyone from ISC family already doing that for their respective areas? Can you also share your experience in this regard while responding to my main post above?
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