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    What is the role of parents in shaping the educational careers of their children?

    In earlier times, education was limited to certain subjects of science and humanities and there was limited choice for the students to opt the stream out of the available ones. Today education has become a gamut of branches and divisions and there are so many new things that parents cannot understand about those newer fields what to say of the career prospects in them. In such a situation what is the role of parents in shaping the educational careers of their children? Can they do something or are solely dependent on the educational consultants and coaching centres which are imparting all types of coaching to the prospective candidates. What do you think about it? Please share your thoughts.
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    Parents have immense responsibility in shaping the careers of their children. Firstly they should not pressurize the child to opt for the course being dreamy by them. Parents should ensure and access the ability of the child who can progress into which stream. That is the first step to create confidence level in the child. Once this is achieved the parents should create the basics for the child to move on this line. And the child would be taking interest because he has chosen the right stream fully supported by the parents. For example I was thinking that my daughter would be interested in genetics and molecular science and become a scientist and I even got her the free seat for that. But she was having inclination to study MBBS and we came to know only after she got flying colors in the science faculty.
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    I agree with the author. These days the specialisation are more in number and many new topics emerged. A person who is graduated in the 1960s or 1970s may not be knowing about these subjects. Even in the 1980s and 1990s also we have not seen so many branches and sub-branches. So it may be a difficult issue for the parents to advise their children in these new subjects. But they can advise them based on their general knowledge and experience. When we move with many people and when observing in society we will get some idea about the needs and requirements of the market. That they can discuss with the children and children can correlate these suggestions with their information and interest. At the same parents should also understand the interest of the children. Parents can also discuss the issue with their friends who are in good positions and working in universities or colleges as they will have a better idea about these issues.
    I personally feel whatever may be the subject if you are at the top and understood the subject will there is no problem for getting a job and progressing in the career.

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    Parents are said to be the teachers of their children and there is nothing strange in it. The child starts learning from his home only. As regards teaching to the own children, it is a good thing but children make a lot of excuses and also take advantage from their parents as they are frank with them. So keeping a serious phase and tackling the children in that sustained manner is not a joke. It requires seriousness and will to execute that. A teacher sometimes has to become tough with his disciples. But in modern perspective it does not hold good as banging children has been stopped by many families as it is thought to be a cruel thing.
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    From every milestone of my childhood to every stepping stone towards my success , my parents have always been there by my side. My parents have always been a major support in deciding my future. They have never forced me into something, which I'm not interested in.

    They never ask me to study, they never restricted me. That is one of the major reasons for me to study well, as I do it out of interest rather than out of force. I've seen their struggles since childhood, they inspire us and motivate us in every context . Just because they couldn't achieve their dreams, they didn't force me into something which I'm not interested in. They are so precious, proud to have the best ones. They've shaped me to what I'm today and that helped me shape my career accordingly.

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    I want to add one thing here that there are some families where parents have no interest in reading or studying. For them it is impossible to guide the child in this area and they cannot suggest any particular career line also to them. Some parents belong to business community and they are so busy in their business that they do not have any time for their children and cannot guide them in this respect. In such cases the only alternative is to send the children to coaching centre or hire tutor for them and practically that tutor becomes their mentor and guides them for their career also.
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