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    Do you agree-If bad is not there good also not there?

    So many times we have seen interesting arguments like 'Seed came first or tree appeared first in nature' and similarly 'egg came first or hen appeared first in nature'. Here in nature if two qualities are there, if one quality is not there you cannot percieve other quality's presence. Good and bad are two qualities of an individual. If one quality is not there we cannot perceive other. If bad is not there you cannot perceive or it may be the other way. So if I say, if bad is not there you cannot perceive what is good. Do you agree to this particular statement. Give your explanation for or against the statement.
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    It is difficult to visualise or conceive words which do not have their antonyms. The synonyms dictionary also is very particular on this aspect and in addition to giving the synonyms it indicates antonyms also. So without those opposite things we cannot think of this world to exist. Everything has a value when compared to the opposite characteristics. We live in an atmosphere of comparisons and competitions and there are always the other extremes to help us in deciding our line of approach and handling the challenges in that perspective. Without comparisons and opposite attributes we would not be able to move ahead.
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    I had watched a short film wherein a boy in the class is a believer. One day, the sir enter the class and asks the boy the stand-up and asks him whether God is there? He replies, yes! Then question follows that how can you say that God is there when you cannot see him? Everyone in the class has their eyes on that boy and in reply, he questions his sir, Sir, Do you feel cold, his sir reply yes! and he says, but can we see cold, no! it is just the absence of heat. Sir, Is their darkness? he replies Yes! again, the boy replies, no! it is just the absence of light. Sir, is their bad in this world, he replies Yes!, the boy replies, no! it is just the absence of good and now, is their devil or satan? The sir in anger replies, Yes! the boy the takes a pause and answers, No! it is just the absence of God that we feel.

    In life, the contrast is felt only when the opposite exist. Till a person is there in our life, we feel him/her as a burden but the day we lose them, we feel their absence. In the same way, as mentioned in the post and above, when there is an absence of the opposite say, bad, evil, foul smell, darkness, fear, loss, failure, fight, etc, we won't feel the importance of its opposite i.e. good, virtuous, fragrant, light, confidence, gain, success, peace, etc.

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    True. When there is no opposite word we will not feel the other one also. If there is no darkness we will not understand what is light. Similarly, when there is hunger we will understand the value of food. When we see the trouble we will understand what is comfort. When we see the attitude of a foe only we can understand the value of a friend. When there is a drought, we will understand the importance of rain.
    A rich person will never know the importance of food as he never feels hungry. Only a person who is having hunger only will know the importance of food. Same is the case with the value of money also.

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    What I feel that the bad and good are the two parts of the same cycle and when one comes up other has to go down and one goes down other has to come up. Why because from the bad experience we try to learn the basics of that problems or the matter and they try to set right ourselves and that gives to the good. Moreover the life would not have thrilling experience if it always has the good things happening. Only some bad things happen, the person would respect the time, the people and the system otherwise he would think that there is nothing new in the life as it is easy to live and enjoy.
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    Yes, the both are equal and the thing is on consideration. Dhuriyodhana is good according to his own people but bad for others, Ravana, really a scholar but considered as bad because of his single action.
    Once Teacher Drona sent Duriyodhana to a village to list out the good persons and to bring a ten names of that.
    Subsequently He sent Dharma to the same village to collect at least ten names of bad persons in that village. In the evening both of them returned with empty list. Drona asked both of the separately what was happened as he sent there without the knowledge of other. Dhuriyodhana said no good persons in that village and Dharma told no bad persons in the village. Then Guru Drona told all students that human beings possess both good and bad character in them but the thing is what they are applying in their life is mostly observed. Our deeds should be good to others always, In the vision of Dhuriyodhana he noticed all persons with the bad character because his mind is polluted and Dharma finds no mistakes in any persons as he looked the goodness in them.

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    I view it differently.
    I base my counter points from what I read or heard from wisdom talks or wisdom stories retold from our sacred texts and scriptures.
    This is like the Egg or hen situation.
    Darkness is absence of light. Lie is absence of Truth. Similarly bad is due to absence of Good.
    The original is positive. Its absence becomes negative.
    Darkness cannot occur when there is light. The moment a light is switched off darkness comes in. But as far as light is there darkness cannot enter. But light can always eliminate darkness.
    Similarly good is the original. In its absence bad enters.

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    In the lessons of life both are important. We need to know about good deeds and bad so that the limitations of the bad thoughts should be taken care through our intellect.

    From the olden days, we can see that the birth of Sri Rama or Sri Krishna is mainly because of the evils acts of Ravanna and Kamsa. When we see failures we learn to take a safe step leading to success. Similar to the mobile games and their impact on children , parents always should take initiative in teaching good deeds over bad deeds through out the years as and when the situation arises until they become knowledgeable to take decisions on their own.

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