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    Nepal police opened fire on Indian nationals

    According to Kathmandu post:

    SP Gangaram Shrestha, the APF district in charge, said the incident happened after four Indian traders who were turned away by the security personnel from the border returned with hundreds of people and began protesting at the border.
    "They came back with hundreds of people to protest which soon turned violent. Our security personnel opened fire as the unruly mob started attacking them," said Shrestha.

    According to Indian express:

    Sources said the incident occurred inside Nepal in Sarlahi area, which is across the border from Sitamarhi in Bihar.
    Sources in Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB), which guards the Indian side of the border, said the incident occurred at around 8.40 am when a Sitamarhi family, which has relations across the border, entered Nepal but were stopped by Nepal APF and an altercation ensued.
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    Opening fire on Indian people is due to escalating tension between two countries. How Nepal police dared to open fire on Indians across the boarder isn't a trivial issue but officials from Indian side are taking it as a local issue. How it can be taken as a local issue in which one person was killed, two people were injured and one was detained by Nepal police, however, he was released later but the question is how they dared to open fire across the boarder. Does it not mean that they are ready to face any armed reaction from Indian side ?

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    When the diplomatic relations between the two countries are good then such outbreaks are covered in some way and Govt does no give it importance like the one as the aggression of armed forces when a country attacks other one with its military. So, generally these things would be taken as trivial only at the present juncture but if such things repeat and then they take a conflict of border issue or other such common issues then it could escalate to any degree. The main thing behind local disputes are the business interests and in this case both countries have their business interests not only with each other but between the neighbouring communities across the border. This would be taken care by high order communication and talks between India and Nepal and would be tackled as local issue only. The author is very right in his apprehension that it could turn into something big. Another thing is what were the interests of the people crossing the border and whether they were just moving across it or with necessary passports etc is also to be examined by the authorities before taking any extreme action. Political decisions are based on diplomacy and not on instantaneous actions.
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    It is a very bad incident and might not have happened. When both countries are in good relations, these things may not have. Presently there is some disturbance and because of that only the firing took place, I feel. When compared to Nepal India is a strong force and easily can win over Nepal in a war. If Nepal government is aware of this. But why they have done it. I have been reading the news regarding this and the statements from each are not in agreement and showing a difference. Anyhow the government will look it to the matter and take seriously if they feel it is to be considered as a serious issue. Two people dying is a serious issue only but the government should think about all other issues and an apt decision they have to take. The present government solved many big problems with their diplomatic treatment and I hope this issue will also be resolved at the earliest.
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    Nepal has become a laughing stock across the world and their hurried action of changing the map and now calling for a dialogue and settlement of encroached land to hand over to them is something like small children playing and then getting into confrontation mode. India was not consulted nor having taken any nod before incorporating the changed map in the boundaries and we are keeping quiet because the action was unilateral and without the sanction of India. India knows on whose diktat the Nepal is acting so fast and India is concentrating on Covid crisis and does not want to take the Nepal which is a left hand act for India. Nepal should understand that we are more powerful enough to defeat China and Pakistan in case of war and for us Nepal is like a district which can be combated by our border police with ease.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There is a saying in Malayalam which may mean "Don't shave your head with fire".
    Nepal is trying to that that only now. Nepal is not there for even a mouthful or handful bite for India. Nepal also knows that.
    But it feels a pseudo strength believing that China is with it. Actually China has almost holding Nepal in its claws now since the overthrow of Monarchy and getting Communists there.
    I will hold our previous governments under Chandrashekhar,V P Singh, Gowda etc and the Congress rule who are responsible for sending Nepal to Chinese. India did not take any strong remedial action to safeguard its interests when there were signals that the Communists are slowly taking over. Thus the only Hindu Kingdom in the world was lost.
    From then India started losing its influence in Nepal. The Madhesi issue was the last straw. But by then the Chinese influence as usual its debt trap- had got strong and deep.
    But a country like India cannot allow or afford nibbling and scratching by such small nations. Nepal has to be taught a lesson. India is now using the Saama, Bheda, and Daana ways . Danda is of course the last if better sense doe not prevail on Nepal.

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    For a few years anti India sentiments have been spreading among Nepali people as the criterion for nationalism. Present government is also close to China.

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    This is really a serious matter as one of our friend country with which we had so good relations and we had helped each other also in the past depending on our capability and capacity but today such confrontations are happening and definitely it is a bad sign for our future relations. Nepal always considered itself as the younger brother of India and now this changing pattern in Nepal's behaviour forces us to examine the reasons and international politics behind these incidents. This requires pondering at a higher level so that such incidents are not repeated in future.
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