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    Today's education is without knowledge!

    The educational scenario today is more like a commercial venture for institutions rather than a place of learning for students. This premise forms the basis of this analytical thread that looks into the sad current situation of academics from a different perspective.

    We live in a world where education is no longer the spreading of knowledge. It has become a business where students are judged based on the fees paid by them. Today, people select those students who are already good at their academics and then further support them for gaining better marks for their institution.

    In this race for gaining ranks through the selected students, the remaining students stay in a comma where they don't know whether to stop or to continue. It not only effects them but it also affects many others on a large scale.

    When a student is being treated so, he doesn't understand what to do because no one is concerned about him. In such times, a student may turn violent and act as a danger for society. We need a society which will see students as students, rather than an ATM which subscribes money for institutions for running their business.
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    I am also feeling great pain and deeply anguished at the way our education is taught which is not helpful to students to get the right jobs nor the parents as they think once the education is completed the boy would start earning good salary and they need not worry about the future. The student who is following a stream and got the good score out of his sheer performance would be forced to opt for another short term course which tend to be industry friendly and only on that basis the job is offered as trainee or the fresher. The parents are carried away during the admissions process as the college management would show them the moon on the palm as if many companies are queued up to accept every candidate for the jobs. But the situation is reverse as during the campus selections, the leadership, patience. perseverance and above all giving time to things happen are seen as good candidature mode in a recruitment.
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    Today's education is for getting ranks and certificates only. That is not for knowledge gaining or learning. This I felt many times. I have seen many graduates and postgraduates both in sciences and engineering during my career and I fail to understand how they are getting those degrees. Their basic knowledge in the concerned subject is much below to the subject what we study in Intermediate. But all of them are first class or distinction students only. Very sad state of affairs. That is why people are conducting written for selecting students from colleges to give jobs in their organisations. That is why when we want a good dedicated Scientist or Engineer to work in the industry we are not able to get good candidates. The institutes also have more inclination towards getting money rather than seeing that the students will get the knowledge required by studying in their institute.
    Today you can find many PGs who can't make their own biodata without mistakes. Forget about English grammar, the concerned subject matter also they can't explain in a correct way.

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    Today, our education system is full of professionalism. We are deeply regretted by seeing the way of education. There are many reputed schools, colleges and institutes present in our country which are making money only and they are not having connection with knowledge. These institute provide degree only not knowledge. Now-a-days, a large no of student having higher qualification such as, MBA but not getting job due to lack of quality education. In our country mostly parents spent lot of money on education still their children have to face unemployment. There is a big drawback in our education system that is lack of job-oriented education.

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    I can agree to the author to some extent. The situation has not become as bad and hopeless now. But we see the symptoms of the disease in many places. The same can become and great malady and pandemic if not taken proper remedial measures now itself.
    There are various factors which are reasons to this state of affairs. The main two are 1. Demand and supply working. 2. The extreme selfishness and pseudo ego of people on either side that 'we /I should have the best".
    Certain institutions are presumed as the best, have international standards, have the best and top placements etc. Many of these assumptions may or may not be true at that time. It may be dwelling past glory also. Such institutions are considered as elitist. So every student and every parent try to get admission there. Naturally demand surpasses supply. So the market principles apply there. It is a vicious circle. To keep their reputation they want only the best students who will be able to pass with top grades ensuring top place for the institution in results. So the cut off marks always stay the top level. Even in the same marks/percentage bracket there may be more contenders. So the one who bids highest, gets it. The campus placement facilitators also crowd there. Thus the circle goes on.
    Naturally those left out see the second best or the best elsewhere. All others have to content with admission elsewhere for the available course. The wheel goes on like that.
    However there are still many good institutions and teachers who impart good education. Many stars have risen from these also.

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    I agree that the institutions have become commercial these days. They look for their profit, not for the future of the student.

    But I disagree with the author that the institute takes an aptitude test of the student before taking them in. Actually that's an aptitute test and I think there is no harm in doing that. Why they will take an average student whom they know will not be able to clear the exam.


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    The purpose of education has somewhat changed and it has become only about scoring good marks and getting admission to good institutes. In my replies to many threads related to education, I opined something similar to the idea shared by the author and it's quite disheartening that we became so used to it. I do not know which schools can be termed as good schools. Is it the schools that help an average or a poor student to gather sufficient knowledge to become independent on life or is it those schools that only admit bright students and bank on their performance to gain popularity? The real thing is to impart knowledge and training to those who are not so bright.

    Not so long ago concern was raised by some prominent persons regarding the suitability of MCQ type questions in board exams to test the students' knowledge on a particular subject. Nowadays, most of the students follow the suggestive ways of learning where they concentrate more on the topics which are going to be asked in the exams. They rely more on solving question and answers rather than thoroughly studying the subject. Ultimately, they fail to gain proper knowledge and rely more on short-term courses. Many job-oriented training programmes are offered by various organizations and students join them after finishing their regular education in school/colleges. These training programmes can be easily included in the school/college curriculum by reducing those sections in the syllabus which are of really no use to the students. A complete overhaul of the education system is a must.


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    Akhil, first of all I welcome you to this educational and knowledge sharing portal commonly known as ISC. Seeing your first post written in a nice way I hope that you would be contributing in many sections in ISC in the coming times and would further sharpen your writing skills here. I am here for last 3 years and my experience is that if one actively engages oneself here then one is definitely going to be benefitted by learning so many things. Incidentally there are many contests being organised here time to time and one take part in that and win prizes.

    Coming to your post, yes, there are many malpractices in the educational arena and today one can literally buy a degree with money. There are many pitfalls in our educational system and due to lack of uniformity of syllabus and contents in the institutions, the situation is only worsened more. The system requires massive cleaning operation and some of the colleges which are openly minting money are to be restricted in their operations. Let us see how the present Govt is going to tackle this problem of revamping the present educational system.

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    You point of views are right. Always looking for an intelligent child, the educational institutions skip the average and below average students. Given an opportunity to exhibit their talents with value based education, these children will be the jems in the future years.
    The psychological aspects and mental abilities are very well known by the educated institutions besides that they just forsee only the monetary gains.

    A warm welcome to ISC. There are a few ongoing creative writing contests in our site. This will help you to earn better. Go through the site to understand the few sections like articles, ask experts, jobs, forum where you gave remarkable entry. You can also post information about the schools and colleges with photos. All the contents should be in your own words.
    Learn the html tags and follow the guidelines to get better knowledge of the site by replying the threads through your opinions.

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    Warm welcome to Akhil alias Chicoo as we call him. Just now I came to know through my son Aditya that he is the boy who was staying as the tenant with us and now has become grown up to share with us and that gives immense pleasure because a new born baby boy we used to play with him and enjoy with him and today he has grown up big to raise the first post with bang. My best wishes to Akhil for joining the site and also thanks to Aditya for bringing him here. I know Akhil has good number of friends with him and the way the site has highlighted the post would give him immense satisfaction of approval of his writing.
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    It is really a matter of great concern that education has turned into a commercial venture and for some it is simply a minting machine to make more and more money. The most sad part is that at one side there is a lot of unemployment because supply is much more than demand and other side due to high degree of commercialisation, the quality of the education has gone down. The students are only acquiring text book knowledge and that also limited to their exam patterns. Education system requires some good overhauling and is to made more skill based as well as affordable.
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    I disagree with the opinion of the author that today's education is without knowledge. The educational institutions are not here for charity. They may be making money but in the process, imparting knowledge to the students. I do not understand how the students are judged by the fees they pay rather than the knowledge they acquire. The IT industry all over the world acknowledges the talent of Indian software professionals. In every field, our professionals proved their worth.
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    Hey Akhil. Glad to see that your first post is this good. As your senior in India Study Channel I would like to guide you.
    1. After posting, go to your profile on top right corner. There you will find dashboard. In Dashboard you can see your points and earnings. In View Profile, you can edit and view your profile.
    2. Forum sections are almost comparable to Q&As sections. You can post your queries, thoughts and reply other threads here. Explore different categories before forum posting.
    3. Article section in ISC is where you need to be a bit careful. Articles are meant to be well written and if posts don't match ISC's set quality your article posting license can be revoked. So be careful before posting there.
    4. Ask Experts, is where you can ask for an expert advice on some topic.
    5. There are other sections too in ISC which I implore you to explore. But be careful before posting. There too the moderation is very high.

    Good luck Akhil. Keep coming up with good threads.

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    Educational institutions do provide opportunities for the meritorious students but also look out for seats to be filled through management quota. We can notice
    how educational institutions are becoming brands
    using advertisement through media.

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