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    China killed Indian soldiers

    2 Indian soldiers and 1 officer were killed by Chinese army in Ladakh but our military officials are meeting Chinese officials to "defuse the situation".

    A statement from the army released to the media said, "During de-escalation process in Galwan Valley, a violent face-off took place last night with casualties. The loss of lives on Indian side includes an officer and two soldiers. Senior military officials of the two sides are currently meeting at the venue to defuse the situation."
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    The present situation is not good for war. Already we are in severe financial crisis. The whole country is facing the problem of COVD19. The whole administration is busy in controlling the Virus and trying to bring back the economy to normalcy. In such a situation if war comes, it will be an added burden and we can't do justice to anyone problem. Already many people are going jobless and no food for many people. The government is not getting money in any way. In such a situation war is not advisable.
    Of course, China maybe also in similar condition but they may not have respect for their people and they may ignore the conditions of common people but I think in our country it is not like that. We can't ignore certain conditions and we have to respect the people and their needs.
    But India will never go back to go for war if it is inevitable. They will try till the last minute and when there is no alternative only they go for the war.

    always confident

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    Whenever we raise a thread, it should not have any bias. There are reports that even Chinese soldiers were killed. "What are the reasons which stop our government to avenge for our soldiers ?" If China thinks the same way, what will be the outcome? A war, which both the countries are trying to avoid, that is why they are having talks.

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    China accused Indian forces along their Himalayan border of carrying out "provocative attacks" on its troops, leading to "serious physical conflicts" between the sides.

    Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said:

    "But what is shocking is that on June 15, the Indian troops seriously violated the consensus of the two sides, crossed the border illegally twice and carried out provocative attacks on Chinese personnel, resulting in serious physical conflicts between the two border forces,".

    China hasn't talked about any casualty on their side.

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    Sources for your information.

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    Indian government would think otherwise since the present situation would not be an opportune time to go ahead for a war like situation because of our deteriorating economy. While going ahead for war, we will have to gear up of our military bass and if required further recruitment of the personnel would follow. This would require heavy infusion of money and doing so, our economy will severely be eroded. Our government would try its best to diffuse the situation with a favourable talk to ease the tension. May be such an initiative would produce a result on our favour.

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    Post Covid, China is looked upon by most nations with suspicion and mistrust. While countries like US, Australia etc are more vocal in this many other countries are subtle and strategic, following a wait and watch policy.
    China has already rubbed most of its neighbouring countries by showing a hegemonic attitude claiming and exerting its muscle in land and sea around its neighbours. Hence many countries are sour with China.
    China wants to dominate the world economically. It has started its strategic plans many years ago and now many countries are trapped under Chinese debt. But China thinks that of all its neighbours, India is the one it has to watch, because India has the potential to become a world economic power. No other country can match China in manpower also. Hence China feels that it is time to flex its muscles against India to scare it and make it accept China's supremacy. As a strategy China uses Pakistan at China border. Though China thought of encircling India by its influence on Sri Lanka, a reversal there has dampened that. Similarly China did not become fully successful in the Iran-Gulf side as India employed some successful counter strategies. Hence China depends on Pakistan and Nepal now, which is also quite obvious from recent happenings.
    But just like Pakistan, China also will resort to only proxy and pseudo attacks because in a war it will also have to suffer large losses as India now is not the India of 1962, and China cannot have a walkover. It knows well that India has advantage in the Eastern sector and so concentrates on Western and Northern sector using Nepal to put pressure on India. And to use it asa route in case crisis deepens into serious confrontation. What China aims now is to put India under pressure and make it weak and confident less in the negotiation table.
    I trust that the present Central Government and the Armed forces know this well and are prepared to face all such tactics. But as a mature country India has to keep cool and not get trapped by the deliberate provocation tactics.

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    @699828 "China hasn't talked about any casualty on their side."
    Just natural. It has to its own internal audience to please. The media there is not free and independent as Indian media. It will only give doctored propaganda to suit its needs. Even internet is controlled and not freely available to its people.No Google, No FB-all Chinese substitutes only. Then how will actual news come out?

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    China is our enemy. It can't be trusted at all. Once India-China were considered as close friends, nevertheless, China started the war in 1962 . Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai was the slogan during those days but China stabbed on the back and their army infiltrated into our territory out of blue.

    India is trying to ease the tension on the border but China seems to be buldozing India and taking us for granted.

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    The latest news is 20 of our soldiers have died at the India-China border conflict. It is a very sad news to India as 20 of our brave soldiers have died in order to fight the enemies and protect our land. Why PM is not taking the required decision to end the conflict?

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    We can call it an undeclared mini-war between India and China. War cannot be without casualties. It is not that India alone lost its officer and soldiers, but also China. It is a war at peace. Many such border clashes are not reported. There could be many losses of life that are not known to the media.
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    Speaking to Al Jazeera- the editor of Global Times has accepted that Chinese army has also suffered casualties

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    Down with China. My blood is boiling as we lost 20 pride soldiers of our country including a top Military official and that gives ample right for India to take retaliatory action on China and the whole world would support it certainly. When the Military level talks are going on, the PLA has pounced on our soldiers and we are very much inside the LAC and thus the advantage is for India to take action. By the way the China also suffered causalities as our brave Indian soldiers could not digest the unprovoked killing of their colleagues and thus tension of war has been created at the border. Now this is the time every Indian should throw away their mobile phones which are Chinese make and the center should allow even civilian to visit the border and let the people retaliate for the loss of valued Jawans life. We are ready.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    China has a policy of expansion. They try to expand in all sides and create problems for the adjacent countries. They also have a good military might and are always ready to fight if given an opportunity. India being a peace loving country has suffered because of its policies of co-existence and brotherhood. But now things are changing. We also have a well equipped military with us and the new leadership is also tough on these accounts if we compare it relatively with earlier Govt in our country. So, I hope that soon there would be equal answer from our side and score would be settled.
    Knowledge is power.

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    During the clash, there was no gun firing as such. It was a physical fight like the street fighting with iron rods and stones. If the peace mission fails, we should not hesitate to fire our guns, rockets, and missiles. After 1971, we witnessed only a Kargil war in 1999. Now, it is time to test our sleeping weapons to fight with might after 20 years.

    What's the use of spending millions and crores for the defence of India, if we cannot safeguard our territory? Let not our bullets go outdated and buried.

    No life without Sun

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    According to

    A few days ago
    Shanghai tunnel engineering corporation ltd has been given the contract of 5.6 km tunnel construction between New Ashok Nagar to Sahibabad which is the part of Delhi-Meerut expressway (rail as well as road) at the lowest bid of Rs1126 crore.

    I think our government should quash this contract immediately.

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    Arafatuzzafar, you don't have to quote the media every time. You might be gathering information from different sources but let not your responses sound like media reports.
    “It is better to change an opinion than to persist in the wrong one." – Socrates

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    No matter what but few of us still continue to put up with their propaganda.

    Observe about how few are showing doubts to the sources and publishing of Indian government but on the other hand referring China as our enemy but instead citing them as reliable source for the progress being made at LAC.

    Imagine if we are putting-up with the statements like,
    "Why PM is not taking the required decision to end the conflict?"

    Then what kind of impression and fear that we are trying to instil in the nation.

    But my question is,
    Is the government really doing nothing?

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    Killing 20 soldiers is big shocking news for our country. China always create a problem by different way sometimes attack biologically, sometimes attack physically. It is truth that today whole world is in crisis because of china. Right from beginning china had a dream to be world winner. So china always make a plan something for destroying other country. our present situation is not like that we could fight from other country. We are economically and physically unfit due to covid-19. If china start fighting seriously then our condition would be pitiable. China killed indian soldier with very bad intention. We must retaliate for this killing. I hope that china would get best response from indian soldier at the earliest.

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    We are talking about the loss of Indian soldiers only. Does anyone know the casualty at the other end? Indians, though lost few good souls, might have given befitting response which has not come to light either by the media of India or China. Chinese News agencies have not published anything about their number of casualties. They maintain secrecy and act quietly.

    Remember, If you take one, we will take two. That's the might of Indians. They might have lost double our numbers, I am sure.

    No life without Sun

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    Around 40 soldiers from China were killed. It is reported in a very reliable Telugu Newspaper. But he says that there is no official confirmation about this. The incident happened in China's land but not in India's land. No guns were used. Only stones, sticks and hands were used I understand in the war.
    The colonel who did is from Telangana. He Joined in the military 4 years back. He got transferred to Hyderabad and supposed to come to join. Because of the prevailing condition, it was delayed and now he died.
    Both the countries are blaming each other and where the problem got initiated is still to be known.

    always confident

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    Mr. Rao,
    If the officer died is a Colonel, he could not have joined the Indian Army 4 years back. Must be 14 years back. Col is the rank equivalent to Navy's Captain and Airforce's Group Captain. It is true that 43 Chinese got killed.

    No life without Sun

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    There are many reasons for the recent incident which has happened in the Galwan Valley. This corona epidemic scenario has changed the equation of the world political alliance. It has not yet been confirmed officially how many casualties are there. Some sources state that 24 Indian soldiers are casualties and more than 24 Chinese soldiers are casualties. Let see when it will confirm on the exact number.

    The main reason behind this incident is China's isolation from other countries at this time. Except some countries, now all developed countries stand against China. India is gradually closing directly or indirectly to these countries and recently India gives support to Vietnam. These countries are being polarized which keeps on happening from time to time according to the situation.

    This is the reason China has fizzled. Due to this fear, China is adopting all the tricks to rid India of this polarization. Which includes psychological pressure and power. Secondly, China's one belt project is lying in trouble and India is not giving any favour or support on this.

    On the other hand, there is a feeling of dissatisfaction among the people inside China itself. The main reason is unemployment. This is also the main reason to divert the attention of Chinese people. And today, Nepal is also following China which is well known. That is why China is provoking India, but China forgets that India is not India of 1962.

    We think that the Government of India is sitting silently !!! Nooooo... This is a nationalist government and will not let the sacrifice of our pride and brave soldiers go in vain, it will soon respond. This incident has raised the blood of the entire countrymen and strong spreading public anger against China is the proof.

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