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    People in authority should have enough patience.

    The Telangana Chief Minister KCR will never allow journalists to ask him questions or give suggestions. He will try to silence them by his words. He talks vert arrogantly with them. As there is no strong opposition in the State and his party is having full majority he is being tolerated. Otherwise, there will be many issues and he might have been in trouble.

    Same is the case with all the people who are in authority. The authority will bring you some responsibilities also. When you are ready to exercise your authorities you should also mind your responsibilities. Otherwise, the person will become unfit for that particular slot. Many problems will be there and many people will be working under him and they may bring many problems. The person should have the patience to face all those.

    What are the views of ISC members on this aspect?
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    Yes. Not just patience, they should posses as much virtues as possible like politeness, civility, humility, empathy, sympathy, unrighteousness, honesty, integrity, fast comprehension, fairness and non-bias approach, natural justice , compliance, wider view of welfare etc.
    They should be capable, efficient, and quick to take right decision. They should not be mean, but broadminded, with simple life and noble thoughts etc. They should have vision and forethought.

    It may not bepossible to satisfy all.But he should take the right path anddischarge his duties with sincerity and fairness and efficiency.

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    Responsibility is such a thing that a person has to mould himself to fit in that position otherwise people's rage would remove him from that status. It has happened in many cases and we have witnessed it time to time. One has to be very alert, patient, and cordial in his dealings with the public, media persons, prominent citizens and other party persons. Arrogance would only spoil the situation and would adversely affect the career of the person. Once in a while behaving aggressively with some culprit or defaulting person might look as a bold gesture but doing that with everyone is not a correct thing to do.
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    I too agree when the people repose faith in the leader once again the responsibility rises further and that particular leader should not go head strong that the voters are electing him again and gain and he do things as per his wish. The people who like the person will also repent on their decision if it goes against their wishes. KCR has been proving more arrogant these days and trying to assail every voice which is going against him and the government. But the voters are tolerating his style and waiting for the elections to come. The trust of the voters should not be eroded and he should come back to normal otherwise we have many to rule this state
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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