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    Educational Fees should be discounted or not in the Corona pandemic time ?

    It is Mid of June 2020, so many of the SSC, CBSE and ICSE board schoold have started the terms of
    educational year 2020-21 in the form of online education or E-learning format. Many of the educational institutes across India are demanding advance fees payments from the students' parents. On this issue I would like you to discuss your opinion about the "School Fees in Corona Pandemic times".

    Please take in account the following points to discuss:
    1. Many of the people across India and abroad have lost the earning opportunities due to the world wide economics crisis caused due to Corona pandemic. Those who still manage to earn are facing up to 50% cuts in the pay. So, How the parents will manage to pay the hefty fees of the schools?

    2. Schools are operating in online mode henceforth for undisclosed times. Hence, practically there are lesser overhead burden on school with respect to electricity, cleaning and property maintenance etc.

    3. More expenses burden on parents for attending the online classes, such as, electricity for laptop/Desktop PC, data charges for internet, etc.

    4. In some families there is just 1 spare electronic device for kids use and students are more than one. In such cases, parents need to arrange/buy a extra Tab/laptop for other pupil to attend online class.

    5. Some families are earning just hand-to-mouth. It is quite a luxury for them to attend online classes. So how will they even pay fees for school?

    Please, put some light on these points and state if the School fees should be reduced in this critical time.
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    There are government schools. People who can't pay the fee can admit their children in those schools. Why not? We say the quality is not good. Then why can't we make the school teachers responsible? The school teachers getting very good salaries. Why can't they take an interest in teaching? Let all of us concentrate on this issue and see that education in government schools will improve.
    Private schools are not charity organisations. They are run for profits. So they will definitely collect fees. Without that, they can't run the institute. No individual in this world will do business for a loss. We should not expect from them also. So it is we to decide. Whether we pay fees and put our children in private schools or struggle to improve the standards of government schools.
    The governments should see that the private institutes also will not collect the fee as they like and there should be a cap on the maximum fee. Otherwise, this exploitation will continue. The parents also think that the schools demanding maximum fee are the best school. That concept also should go from the minds of the parents.

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    The present situation affects all-the employer and the employee, the school, the teachers and the students, the rich and the poor, the elder and the younger...etc.etc. There is no ne fully insulated or isolated from the difficulty.
    So the solution also has to consider all those involved in a matter. In the case of fees, we have to consider how the school will find resource t run the school, to pay its teachers and other employees, to pay the statutory dues and the like.. The teachers get their pay from the school. The school has its source from the fees the students give. But the students (parents) face difficulty as they have no work or get partial pay.
    Hence all have to sit and work a viable solution. It may be that a part of the fees may be deferred, a part of teachers pay may have to be deferred, the school may be given soft loans by bank etc. Instead of lump sum fees may be taken in monthly instalments.
    Those who find even these as difficult may send their children in the nearest Govt School or school with affordable fees and expenses. Avoidable expenses wherever possible should be avoided by all concerned. Non-priority expenses should be deferred or avoided totally.
    As the whole nation, the whole world is facing difficulty it requires compromise, compassion and sacrifice from every one-from the individual to the top government.

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    It is a good idea to either reduce the fees or remove it totally. Only problem is the revenue loss due to this decision to the schools and colleges especially the private ones which are charging huge fees to run their establishment. They have to pay the salaries of the teachers also whether they attend school or not due to the virus threat. Teachers might say that they are ready to teach from their houses if school do not open. Only expenses that school or college is saving is the electricity bill and some day to day running expenses which are only a small part of the total budget of the college. So, what can be done is they can reduce the fees to some extent so that the people get some relief.
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    It is the fact that the pandemic was sudden and caught every one unaware and therefore we cannot escape from the commitments and responsibilities of life. I agree that many have lost the jobs, or got half the salary and yet the expenses are the same and we cannot keep others waiting for their money as they have already done the service and need to be paid. In respect schools and colleges demanding the last year payment so that they would take into this academic year is the fixed expense and the parents should have made provision for the same in advance. Beg or borrow we must attend to some expenses either taking loan from others.
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