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    What are the topics of GDs and PI interviews for admissions?

    Once an entrance test is cleared, the next stage of admissions to prestigious institutes, especially for MBA courses, includes Group Discussions (GDs) and Personal Interviews (PIs). Have any of you or anyone you know been part of these? It would be interesting to share experiences on this. Perhaps, for example, the topic of a GD was something really boring or maybe piqued your interest. Was the GD an intense one or was it just only one or two individuals doing all the talking? What about in an interview? Maybe you were confident in answering or were the interviewers so intimidating that you were a nervous wreck?

    It would also be interesting to know if any of you was on the other side, as an interviewer or the official organizing the GD - share those experiences as well.
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    During my career as Vice President in a manufacturing Organisation. We have organised a Group discussion for selecting the Management trainees for our organisation. After coming out of the written test around 12 Engineers were selected for Group discussion.
    These 12 members have divided into 2 groups and each group has 6 people. Among the six one will be the leader for one round and there were six rounds. In each round, the leader was a given small note with some story. He has to read that and they discuss with the remaining people and finally, he should conclude the discussion and give his final recommendations in writing. Like this, all the six were given a chance. This helped us to understand the English knowledge of each participant. We were able to understand how a person will conduct himself as a leader and as a team member. Each discussion is for 25 minutes and in total it took three hours to complete the total exercise. From this GD we have selected 6 people and then the next step was a technical interview and finally HR.
    By following this methodology we were able to select the best students available.

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    Thanks for the author who raised this post and the able response given by Dr Rao which specifies that apart from the personal interview the candidates are also probed for the talking and conversation ability which would bring forth their knowledge and grip on the English language. But what I found that the Industry must be manufacturing something and the candidates are put to the discussion on the other subject and thus those candidates got prepared on the subject matter of the country are caught off guard and they may fail. May be this is one more reason to distill the candidates who are not having other knowledge.
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    @ Mohan, Generally, the subjects what will be given for Group Discussions will be more on General knowledge subjects or something related to human behaviour and human psychology. No technical subjects will be given for group subjects.
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    Dr. Rao,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. You have written 'the leader was a given small not with some story. ' - you mean given a note, I think; and can you elaborate on what was given? That is what I would like to know - what are the topics that are given.

    (I suggest also that you should leave a space between paragraphs).

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    Thank you, Vandana and I have corrected the mistake. Sorry for the same.
    Each note will contain a paragraph of information regarding the subject they have to discuss.
    Note 1: Your sister is in love with a notorious person staying in your area. She is not able to inform about her love to your parents. So she came to you and requested you to see that your parents will agree with the proposal. As a responsible brother of a girl what will be your reaction for this. In this paragraph, the important issue is " Notorious". If the candidate is good at English he should understand that word and then the entire story will be different.
    Note2: You are the manager of the company. The political leader of that area is pressuring you to give a job to a person from that area. But there are no vacancies existing and top management has banned new recruitments. Then how you will convince the political leader and see that he will not disturb you again and again. This will be useful to understand the candidate's general awareness and planning.
    These are the two subjects I remember as of now.

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    In our times we did not have any GDs for us and we gave only interviews when we were applying for positions . This trend of GDs followed by interview started later. I had an opportunity to conduct a GD and interview for the selection of some executives in one of our technical department and there we gave them a very common subject for GD as - If an employee is not performing good under your control what would you you do with him? The group discussion ran for an hour and half and the candidates gave very interesting answers, some of which were very proper but some of them were very bizarre nature also. Anyway, based on the combined performance we made the list of successful candidates.
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    Dr Rao and Umesh, thanks for the insight you gave. However, you have both mentioned GDs and interviews for job recruitment and not for admission to courses which is the topic of this thread. Nevertheless, I am curious to know how a GD can help to gauge the skills of a candidate that are relevant for the job, other than the ability to communicate and teamwork skills. Can you further expand on the topic of this thread and share your input on what you as the interviewer/coordinator of a GD look for when selecting the candidates?

    Haven't any ISC members participated in a GD or an interview during the selection process for an academic course?

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    Though I did not participate in a GD which was for the selection process of an academic course, I had the opportunity to discuss with a person long back who has attended the same and shared few things. The things which are looked for are how ideas are exchanged, the ability of students to come up with new ideas, and critical thinking. In terms of GD during the interview, I have attended a few and all that was observed was how I am able to communicate effectively, irrespective of who wins or loses, and clarity in thoughts.

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    As I do not have any experience of admission related GDs, I had mentioned the other nearest one in my response. Anyway, GD is one of the powerful methods to asses the wide range knowledge of the candidate. Of course a good interview board can get that impression by merely taking a long interview also. But the trend today is more towards GD. In a group discussion the candidates talk among themselves except the presence of a moderator who is only there to stop any diversion and would bring the focus back to the main theme. There are some candidates who would cover the topic of GD in a broader way taking the ideas of all other candidates and then affirm their viewpoint. The observers would like such candidates as they would prove valuable in conducting meetings and doing resolutions in office environment. So, some individual traits and attributes can be picked up about a person from his performance in a GD and then the observers can give him extra marks for that quality.
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    Mainly in recruitments, Group discussions have become important due to many reasons. The competition for some posts is very high and many people will attend. Interviewing all is a time taking process. So to reduce people by observing them in the group discussion is a way. But for management trainees and other senior positions communication is very important and teamwork is very important. To understand the leadership qualities of a candidate and the dynamics of the person in the group will also be known in this group discussions. So for the posts where a lot of communication, teamwork and managing the groups are involved in the performance in the Group Discussions is very important.
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    In my interview I was asked to write an apology mail for the conduct of a fellow employee to the client and also affirm him, though his product is delayed, it will come to him as soon as possible. The real scenario was that the client's material got damaged during transport and it has to be replaced. Which can actually take upto 2 months. So I came up with a mail. I assume the mail was satisfactory as I was selected.
    GD of the same company was quite different as well. It was about classroom learning vs online learning. It isn't as fascinating as that mail writing experience. I'm yet to experience.
    But one thing out of my professional life catches my eyes. It's the ISC's GD on passive euthanasia. It was one of my first GDs on site and I loved it.

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