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    Find words having contradictory meanings

    In English we find the same word having contradictory meanings. It is really very interesting to learn about them. I suggest members to post two such known words which have contradictory meanings. Write two different sentences for those words incorporating the different meanings.
    1. Sanction:- Punishment or approval
    a) The Chief justice refused to sanction bail to the culprit.
    b) They received sanction to construct a hotel in their land.

    2. Default:- failure to act, a pres-elected option
    a) The company is in default on the loan.
    b) He lost the game by default.
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    In English the same word is used to convey different meaning when put it on the sentence.

    Train - 1) The expected train has not yet come and the passengers are waiting since many hours.
    2) The military people train the up coming soldiers on the ground.

    Deal - 1) The best deal of the family can be seen only after the children settle in their life.
    2) I felt the deal was so cheap and brought four masks for 100 rupees

    K Mohan @ Moga
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    There may be many words like this. But What comes to my mind are

    A. To Buckle: to fasten and to collapse or bend.
    1. We have to buckle or backpacks to our backs.
    2. I almost got my legs buckled during this mishap.
    B. To dust: To remove dust or to sprinkle powder or dust.
    1. My wife has to dust the floor in the morning.
    2. To remove the grease on these items we have to dust some powder.
    C. Overlook: To supervise and fail to notice.
    1. Mr Ram is supposed to overlook their work.
    2. Many students overlook spellings when they write the answers.
    D. To Screen: To protect or conceal and to show or broad cost.
    1. We use masks to screen our mouth and nose
    2. No movies are screened these days in theatres because of lockdown.

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    Mr. Rao & Mohan,
    The author wants to see the word which has contradictory meaning. Your examples are not meeting his requirement. There are plenty of words that have dual meanings. But there are very few words with contradictory meaning.

    We need to think a lot to get such words. I am trying to get two such words.

    I got one such word.

    Inspector > Police constable "Fine. You caught the culprit." (Appreciation)
    Police constable > Driver "Fine is rupees 500 for traffic violation"(Punishment)

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    We have many such words in English. I want to add a few to your thread.
    1) Left - Remaining portion
    Only a quarter was left in the vessel.
    Left- Departed
    The soul left, leaving the withered body down.

    2) Model - A replica or copy
    The model made by students on 'The Ancient Mariner' is extraordinary.

    Model- An exemplary person
    The model walking on the ramp isn't just a supermodel but also my role model.

    3) Skinned - Covered with skin or to cover
    He was skinned with a new, artificial skin after the attack.

    Skinned- Removing the skin or removed skin
    Brutally Caesar was skinned by the dagger.

    I would love to see some other members joining and adding to my words here.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    There are many words which have different meanings. But there may be only few words who have exactly contradictory meanings.

    In the example given the contradictory meaning pf 'sanction' is not clear. Both a) &b) give same meaning as permission.
    " US thinking of imposing sanctions on N..Korea" may be a closer example. Here sanction means to restrict or deny.

    Though not exactly contradictory the following words come to my mind now.
    1. Fine: It means a)- very good, very nice, okay, etc. b)- a punishment imposed.

    "It is fine that you forget small things at home, but in the same way if you forget to wear helmets police will fine you."

    Finish a) complete a task(positive meaning) b) destroy and make it vanish or unavailable .(negative sense)

    'You should somehow finish the work today itself, otherwise the boss will finish you"

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    We clashed with ' Fine'. I kept my response in the message box for editing and went to attend a phone call. The call lasted for 41 minutes. I returned and wrote about fine and submitted. Then I could see your response with Fine. Anyway, Everything is fine without any fine.

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    1. Like-A like to eat an apple. She looks like me.
    2. Counter- I paid the fees at the counter. The cashier counter checked the currencies.
    3. Face - I have to face my neighbour every day. I apply sunscreen on my face.
    4. Bear- We saw a bear in the zoo. I have to bear the consequences of inflation.

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    This is a fascinating thread. But most people are commenting homonyms and not contradictory words.

    1. Catch.
    Ex1: I failed to catch the ball.
    Ex2: All the terms and conditions are great. But we fear there's a catch.

    Ex 1 is the regular catch. When you get something, physically or metaphysically. Catch in Ex2 is something you can't either ways.

    2. Vent.
    Ex1 : I closed off all the air vents to reduce the flames inside.
    Ex2: I need to vent out my anger.
    Vent can mean a hole through which something comes. It can also mean to flush out something. Hence we have ventilators at home.

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