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    We have been let down by Telangana government

    When the lock down was announced, the Telangana CM KCR has asked the electricity department not to ask for payment nor take the reading at the homes as it is not possible to visit during the curbs. And people took it as boon from the govt. But few days back the electricity department took the meter reading and the amount calculated for total 93 days and thus everyone consumption of power as gone up for many reason. Being summer and lock down much current was used and hence the units were more and the calculations gone up over taking the slabs and thus new slab rates were imposed and I got bill for rupees 2800 where as my monthly bill would be rupees 480 only? A clear loot on the people.
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    Yes. Many people are feeling the pinch. The very high amount reflected in the bills. This is due to slab system of rates. As the consumption increases the rate per unit will also increase. A person in the first slab will pay Rs. 3/ per unit and a person in slab 3 may pay Rs.9/- per unit. This rate will be applicable from the first unit itself.
    The average consumption increased and hence higher rated. Many people are not able to understand how to pay these bills. For me, there is no much difference. Generally, our bill is coming around Rs.3000/- per month. Now I got the bill for Rs.3800/-. I don't know why this Rs,800/- increase.

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    @ Dr Rao ,How come you got bill for one month and and what about the previous months?
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    I paid every month, the bills online as per the consumptions earlier.n I paid Rs.3000/- in April and Rs.3000/ in May also. Now they came in June calculated the total amount as per the reading and deducted the amount what I paid earlier that is Rs. 6000/- and the remaining I have to pay now. I have to pay Rs. 5400/ now. The total amount is Rs. 11400/ and the average per month is Rs.3800/-. I pay these bills online.
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    The matter is similar in Kerala also. The actual reading was taken after long period. So the total units consumed came to higher tariff slabs. As many other additional charges are also linked to the consumption/consumption charges most people got bills for higher amounts than what they usually get. I am also a victim of that. I had to pay about nine hundred to thousand rupees more than my usual average bill amounts. In between two slabs (KSEB tariff) when the consumption increases by just one unit and slab goes to the next tariff slab, the difference in bill is about more than 400 rupees.
    Today I read in newspaper that in one or two cases the KSEB has refunded the excess amount, where the consumer complained and established the bill was wrong.

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    It is not just Telangana but other states also have the same problem. As mentioned by Venkiteswaranji, it was also observed in Kerala where many people have received a higher bill and have complained to the Electricity board. The fault of the board is put on the common man and the board coming and giving vague reasons as if nothing is wrong. Just imagine at such pandemic situations, the electricity board is coming up with bills of the upper slab due to their negligence of not taking the reading on time and the reading went up and crossed their normal slab units. Now as it is their fault, they should have atleast checked the previous readings of the consumers and printed the bill than charging people with higher bills. Many celebrities and activists have come up against it and the board just informs that it is normal and will be taken into account when they receive a bill. It is high time all the freebies of politicians are cancelled and they be made to pay from their pockets like electricity, water, transportation, security, medical, gas, laundry, etc so that that understand the pinch of the common man. Now, as they get everything free on the account of taxpayers, they just blabber for votes and does the same when in power. How many times do the people complain and raise grievances and get a rejection as an answer or they cut the electricity mentioning to pay the bill with reconnection charges?
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