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    Is there specific insurance cover for corona pandemic?

    We are coming across the fact that some are dying young and those who are not even having the symptoms of the virus are also dying at this time of challenged phase of life. Though the life has become more uncertain and in future the Covid 19 deaths will not be compensated then what is the assurance for those who are sole life earner for the family and suddenly dies of virus attack. Is there any insurance which can take care of our life from now. Are they ready to insure our life and give the compensation in case of death. Can anyone clarify this doubt?
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    The death due to Corona will be treated as natural death and an insurance claim will be admissible for term policies. The claims will be admissible if the coronavirus was diagnosed with post-policy issuance only. What I mean is one can't take a policy after getting attacked with the virus. The families will get the claim if the policyholder dies because of COVID. So the insurance policyholders need not worry and they can be a peace about their family after their demise if at all it happens.
    Now some new health insurance policies are coming which will cover the expenses for Corona Virus treatment also. Star insurance company has come out with one such policy.

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