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    Without phones, what might have been the situation during the lockdown?

    From mid-March, we are all in lockdown and all are bound to be inside the houses. Even now also we are not able to undertake any journeys or travels. The situation has become so bad that we are even not able to meet the people who are staying in the same town a little far away.

    Only one way of contacting everybody is phones. If there were no mobiles we might not have spoken to them during this period and we will be in dark completely about those peoples safe being. These phones played a very important role in keeping the people connected even though we were not able to meet them and we talked to them once in a while and we are happy that they are also doing good.

    I feel you are all will be in agreement with me.
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    It was the Smartphone with Whatsapp, Face Book, News applications, and many other entertainment applications which somehow saved us during full lockdown period. In the absence of personal contacts and proximity they served to be the contacts and communications.
    For many, the Smartphone functioned as office or workplace and as movie theatre too.

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    We get the information about the whereabouts in our nation through news but how about our family, relations and friends. This information has to be collected, checked and confirmed by ourselves through a mode that is none other than the phone which have become smarter than people in today's world.
    Before the lock down and corona effect, I had discussed in January 2020 in my thread on
    can you imagine to stay without mobile and internet for a day. Most of the members opinion was no, when we were into our regular lifestyles. Now smartphone is just like a spectacles for an individual. We have to tie a thread and hang it around our necks so that it is not misplaced or lost.

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    It had helped immensely during that dreadful time but otherwise also it helps us day and night. Without smartphone we all are like workers having no limbs. We cannot imagine life without mobile. Nowadays people have no spare time as all the time is going in seeing or viewing mobile for many things some which are not even required. The interesting thing happening many times is that a person goes to internet for searching some important thing but soon forgets his objective and starts playing games or engages in seeing videos. He later returns only with tired mind and swollen eyes. Smartphone is a great device as people can be online while on the go and can share their ideas and other things with all.
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    More or less every person uses mobile now a days. Scarcely anyone is seen who doesn't keep mobile in his hand or at least in his pocket. Many people are around us who can't imagine to live without this gadget, especially, the young blood or those who use internet at large, most likely, are inflicted with monophobia, a fear of being alone without their mobile. If the internet service is stopped during lockdown they'll go mad. They will find themselves imprisoned where they feel suffocation or squirming for freedom. What a unique gadget this mobile is which keeps us closer to a person staying thousands km away from us but never remind us how our neighbouring brother is.

    We have become a slave of mobile, how long we shall be keeping on clinging to this slavery. The Sooner we realize the sooner is better for us.

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    I have a mixed feeling on the topic. It is seen that everyone is using a smartphone and are glued to it all the time. Earlier, only new genes were attached but now even oldies have learned to use a smartphone and making videos, etc. People being cemented to their phone is just because they have free data that is provided by the internet service provider.

    Earlier in the '90s when mobile phones were just introduced, people would only use it in an emergency or to send SMS. People prefered cybercafe for surfing and that too for an hour or so. Now, the internet has become easy to get through and easily available, anytime, anywhere and is unlimited. Everyone is making use of it by surfing, watching movies, videos, listening to music, chats, calling, etc.

    Now, if we are talking about the lockdown as a subject, yes, it has helped many to be in line with their family, friends, work and relax. The smartphones or mobile along with the internet has help people to know the whereabouts of their loved ones, keep themselves busy and even enjoy the current situation without feeling depressed.

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    Now-a-days, mobile has become essential part of our life. In digital period, we can't imagine balanced life without it. Most of the people do their much work by mobile only. Our dependency over mobile phone has been increased to this extent that even grocery item and vegetables are buying through online during this lockdown. Moreover, we are already using this mobile for multiple purpose like office work, getting information, tour/travel, food delivery etc.
    During lockdown we are feeling happy because of having smart phone and internet. Sometime I would use it for fun purpose also which gives relaxation to our mental stress. In such situation if it were not available then we would have gone mad. It is necessity not luxury. It gives lot of information as well as keep me happy.

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    Certainly the cell phones were so handy and it was helpful in keeping with touch the relatives, near and dear ones and also know about the welfare of the other people. Some are not yet turned into reality and they are still in lock down mode as they got habituated to stay at home. One thing is sure everyone was so moving with austerity as they are worried that even the over usage of the mobiles may make it non functional mode and the repairing shops are closed and thus I have seen the mobiles were sparingly used. And the recharging was done through the help of one another and thus we could able to sail through the lock down period successfully. That is the reason being so even PM Narender Modi expressed his happiness and thanked everyone for cooperating with the rules and were stay put in the house even at the greatest requirements of dire things.
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