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    Decreasing Forgiveness; Increasing Revenge. Where the society is leading us to?

    Forgiveness is the key factor to turn your enemies to friends and acquaintances. The great Indian culture from the times of 'Treta Yug' has been teaching us this moral. Even lord Rama before attacking on Dashanana sent him a peaceful agreement so that there shouldn't be any war which is ultimately a result of revenge; directly or indirectly. Talking about 'Dwapar Yug' Lord Shri Krishna himself went to Hastinapur for deriving peaceful agreement prior to the war of Mahabharata.
    So great is our culture where it is said that even enemies and criminals have the right to speak for themselves and to bid a sorry for attaining forgiveness. Indian law is still following this by giving due rights to suspects of hiring a lawyer who can take their case and speak in their favour.

    But, the societies have been changing day by day. The people residing are slowly forgetting their great value of forgiveness and have starting becoming revengeful. Most of the criminal cases these days coming in front of police are based on revenge. The revenge which is resulting out of insults, taunts, bullying, financial comments, non developmental stages in jobs and economical fields and even sometimes love affairs.

    Brothers, sisters, lovers, neighbors, relatives and all the relations of the society which previously used to be shoulder for everyone have become venomous these days. Even in a kid of merely five years one may see an anger of revenge when he is scolded. At the same time if he is taught not to fuss about such petty things and all what's done with you is for your up gradation; hasn't the society us going to change again? Why and from where kids are learning this? Undoubtedly from the family and society. If family members stop taking the favour of children on mistakes, which usually people are doing these days, isn't the situation going to change? Why are we forgetting the great virtue of forgiveness day by day? If this value is vanished the society will reach to heights to cruelty and brutality which would be extreme painful. We should inculcate thus virtue in the children from beginning and at every stage and age.
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    Yudhishthira tells his brothers and Draupadi that Kashma (Forgiveness) is the best quality a man can have in his lifetime. He excused many people in his lifetime. This quality of forgiveness will give us many friends and our enemies will also get converted our friends and we will get a good name and fame. That is what we see with many great personalities in our epics.
    But in the present society, people are not developing this quality and they always to try to take revenge only. If we have the quality of forgiveness, we will have peace in our life. We will have good relations with our relatives and family members. If we go for revenge, we will never have peace and we will be always thinking and planning how to take revenge on the person who did a harm to us. Instead of that if we forgive and tell him to be careful and nor to repeat such actions. we can forget that issue there and we will have peace of mind.

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    A good thread. Eye for an eye, head for a head will only increase violence exponentially. Ordinary people all over the world want peace only. However slowly the virtues are decreasing and as if the Devil has taken over, people forget the soft sentiments. There is also a effort to show soft virtues as weakness and to paint violence and revenge as heroism.
    As the author cited our country's history, tradition and habit is basically non-violent, peace loving and forgiving. It is not of revenge. After Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and many other Rishis, we had Sri Buddha as epitome of kindness, peace and forgiveness. Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi also advocated non-violence and forgiveness. In our tradition punishment or revenge -'Danda' -is the last resort when all other alternatives fail.
    Late Indira Gandhi also exhorted to "Shed hatred, not blood".
    Even Jesus has expressed in favour forgiveness, and asked us to show the other cheek if someone hit us on one cheek.
    We should try to donate blood to save lives, not shed blood taking revenge. Revenge can never change anyone, but forgiving can do wonders many times.

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