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    Praise me when I have a 'Name' and not when they call me 'Body'.

    We have seen people grow up and pass away in front of us. As they grow up, so also does their talks and gossips. We all love to be praised, thanked and to be given that respect but do we practice it in our life. All of us are busy from morning to evening and in that phase, the only thing that catches our attraction is the negatives of others. From family members, relatives, neighbours, some friends and even unknown people, we hear only our faults and taunts and start feeling rejected, stressed and at times even breaks down.

    It is not that everyone falls in the same category, many receive praise during their lifetime, some in their success stage but many only when they are simply called a body. Do you think that we need to change a bit and try thanking or praising others for the little they do for self and others that contribute to a worthy living during their lifetime? Why are we ready to spit poison when it is easy to freshen others with a sweet smile and a small thank you. Don't you think we have to start reverence when they have a "Name" and not when they are called a "Body"?
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    Adi Shankaracharya has very beautifully explained the uniqueness of 'life' in his work 'Bhaja Govindam".
    One verse is as follows:
    " Yaavat pavano nivasati dehe
    Taavat prucchati kushalam gehe
    Gatvidhi vaayou dehaapaye
    Bhaarya bhibhyati tasmin kaaye"
    (As far as the 'breath' is there in the body people enquire about welfare and whereabouts. But the moment the 'breath' or' air' goes out of the body even the wife will dread and fear the body.)
    That is the philosophy of the status of our body vis-a-vis 'life breath'.

    So it is ironic that people 'praise' the 'body' after 'life has flown out'.

    There are true remembrance and fake remembrance about a dead person. It may be just ritualistic also. In the fake remembrance there is a selfish purpose.
    In genuine remembrance genuine people feel the vacuum and darkness created after the person's death. It is like knowing the value of eyes only when the sight goes bad.
    A similar thread was raised in ISC forum some years ago. I have given my view there in my response #386513.

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    Yes. Many people will praise the person who died. When they come to see his dead body, they all will praise him for the many good deeds he did during his life. But what is the use? The concerned human being can't hear those words as already he left the body and only body is there.
    People will praise you when you have a name if you have plenty of money and if you are ready to spend that money for them. But the moment they know that you have no money they will not come to you or they never prase you. This is what generally happens.
    These relations, friends. children, wife, parents all are only with us when you have a name. Once you have become a body they may weep for some time and they will forget and get into their routine. So let us think of ourselves and help the poor and needy as much as you can so that they will praise during your life as well as when you have become a body.

    always confident

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    I solemnly agree. We teach children from a very age about the usage of polite words like thank you, please and sorry but as they grow up these words are lost. These words hide in the dictionary of a human brain as it never finds a space to explore.
    I use the word thank you even today in my daily life. These words express a smile on the other person's face, which I admire the most.

    Lead the leader

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    We see the world as per our perception. If we have a positive attitude and enjoy praising others and thanking others then life would be a beautiful experience. But this requires a lot of endurance and control on our natural traits which force us to go in a negative territory. Unnecessarily irritating, being jealous, backbiting and many such traits are there which are enough to spoil our lives and fill it with hate and stress. It is up to us to choose the path we want and have the quality of life we want and no one would help us in this matter. Small gestures and small concerns shown to others are sufficient to keep the life in a positive territory and we should strive for that as that is the greatest achievement.
    Knowledge is power.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to TS CM KCR who demanded the Bharat Ratna be conferred on former Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao whose birthday is poised to be celebrated on grand scale in Telangana on 28th June. While he was alive even the Congress leaders were not happy over his tenure as the PM of the country because he was silent when the Babri Masjid was demolished during the Kalyan Singh Govt in UP and thus Congress felt that P V Narasimha Rao was siding with BJP thoughts. Nevertheless he is the only PM who knows 14 languages and was the great scholar. During his tenure no one praised him and now the demand for Bharat Ratna is some thing too much asking after his death which has happened so many years back. This is the apt reply to the post raised by the author .
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Simply by changing our outlook, we can get rid of mental stress. Insomnia, and high BP and such benifits are available without paying any money for any medicine. Moreover, the positive outlooks provide us tremendous energy to carry forward our present jobs with the enthusiasm. But unfortunately, many of us cannot enjoy the true pleasure because of our diversion of thoughts.
    Right from the morning when we are awaken, we are surrounded with the people of negative emotions, backbiting to others, people easily irritated and so on. This would change our positive thoughts to the negative ones. Once you are in grip of such emotions, it would be difficult to change such thoughts. However, yoga can change you lot providing you mental peace and concentration to move forward in our goals with positivity.

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