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    Educating the children is more important than teaching them.

    Education and teaching are miles apart when it comes to meaning. When we teach a child, he learns many subjects and gains knowledge about them. He becomes undoubtedly talented and is able to pursue his dreams easily. A good learner gets a good job and serves the family well.

    But when we educate a child he learns to practically apply the knowledge he has gained. Not only this he also becomes a good son, a good husband, a good father resulting into a good citizen. This is because when we are educating a child we not only giving him knowledge about subjects rather we are also providing him good values and morals which further inculcates in him the power to hold and shoulder the responsibilities of not only the family but also of the nation by serving the job in an honest manner.

    An honest and good citizen is what actually a country needs today because he will be providing new upcoming generations with all the morals, values, knowledge and foresightedness which are required at the present times for a nation to develop and achieve heights. An educated child not only educated his upcoming generations but also gives a better future to his country.
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    Education is learning knowledge. Teaching is to educate the people. Education need not be always related to the Curriculum only. Education can be about anything. You can educate a boy by teaching him what is good or what is bad. You can educate a boy by telling what he should follow and what he should not follow. You can educate a boy by telling what he should do and what he should not do. These will make him a good citizen. You can tell only the lesson required for passing the examination and he will pass the examinations and he will get a good job. But he may not know the importance of good behaviour, ethics and values. So the teacher or parents should teach the children both the lessons required for passing the examination and also to be a good citizen of the country. Both are equally important. If the parents never give importance to these ethical values, even though the teachers say also, the student may not care. So the role of parents is very important in this case.
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    Academic part of education is one important thing in the life of a child or student but what parents teach him and preach him to become a good citizen is entirely a different aspect of life. In fact a child learns a lot from the atmosphere in his home and also a lot from the behaviour of the family members towards him as well as to each other. Every child is playful and happy and sees the world from entirely a delicate and tender mind. He only starts learning the intricacies of life when he start growing up and starts worrying for his career and other things in life which are equally important. This is the time when the upbringing counts and makes a major difference between the child of one family with other. Child learns from parents, teachers, companions, and society and each of these factors will make his nature as what he is today and determine his credential of becoming a good citizen or negligent citizen.
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    That is the reason being so it is always said that home is the first school for the child and mother is the first teacher. A child need to learn everything systematically and in sequence through the most playful way of learning and mother create such situation. Because mother only knows the likes and dislikes of the child and she connects to the every learning opportunity through showing the child the real thing and also take him around to get familiarize. For that we had the railway station near our house and the children get excited to see a big goods trains zooming past with so many carriages and the children get to count the bogies and thus learn the maths. And I used to take them to the main road and show the colors of the vehicles and they tend to identify with ease and enjoyment and they also touch the things like plants and trees.
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    The children should be educated or taught with friendly approach. Father and mother are more responsible in this aspect than a teacher. The parents can only observe what lacks in the children. Some teachers are very strange in some schools. They are not mere teachers but good observers. my brother's daughter studying in fifth standard in a government school of our area. Some class girls complaints me that the child is biting chalk/rubber in the class room. I know well that she is not of that type but she used to keep her fingers on month always. I told this to those children. Next day I happened to see her class teacher she told me that the information given by the children and my reply. And the teacher suggest me to give her some iron enriched items. I then advised my girl with some stories and examples and then onward she stop putting finger in mouth. On the next visit the teacher talked to me about her improvement. Some matters of the children came to light through friends and we should not take as complaint but we should make use of it to correct our children.
    Parents and house persons should talk to the children in an amicable way and make them to understand what we are saying rather than commanding the children to do this or not to do this.

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    I want to add here that apart from the learnings from the home the child when he starts growing gets exposure to the society and company. This is a very crucial junction in the life of a person when he starts confiding with his friends and companion more than that of with the family members. That is the time when he could fall for any unwanted attribute and habit and hide it from his parents in the fear of getting banged by them. While growing a child would never like to get downgraded in the eyes of his or her parents and that is where all the problem starts. I think parents should watch these changes in the child for a proper growth and inculcating in him the learning of the ways of the world in a proper prospective.
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    For a student to acquire knowledge there are three ways. First, it is the formal teaching given by a teacher in a school along with other students. Second, it is the informal teaching which a child learns by experiences like observing things around him, talking to people besides him, training himself in many aspects. It can be learnt anywhere at any time. Finally, the non-formal learning which has an accurate objective or goal set by the learner which includes and first and the second points of learning.
    So here education is a mix of the three stages in which the learner tends to grab knowledge and it can not be complete with teaching alone.

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