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    How will safety norms be maintained during festivals this year?

    Festivals in India are a grand occasion and some of them on a larger scale than others, such as Ganesh Chaturthi and Dassehra. In light of the current pandemic situation, should people be setting up gigantic pandals in the first place? Even the immersion of idols in the sea will be a scenario where crowds will gather if not at the immersion point, along the route that the idols are taken. Why not just have simple worship of the God/Goddess in individual homes using simple clay idols that can be immersed in a bucket of water at home itself?
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    You are right. We should simplify our festival celebrations this year to avoid infection and deaths. But the Indian mentality is this - "Nothing will happen to us while we celebrate and worship our Lord. He is the savior. Only the sinners will be affected. Nothing will affect the true devotees of the Lord." This thought will prevail, and the celebrations will go on. But our government should ban festivals and celebrations completely, and book the defaulters if any.
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    Crises cannot be allowed to last long. We have to tide over them somehow. The world has seen and experienced many crisis situations. But it has passed through and came out of them.
    Similarly we also have to come out of the present crisis situation brought by Covid. We need celebrations and worship. We have to discontinue them for sometime as a sort of emergency crisis management. But we cannot allow crisis to mange us daily.
    We have to devise ways and means to restart and manage celebrations, worship and routine very soon. May be we have to adopt and implement certain prudent precautions. We are now habituated to such precautions. They will have to be accepted as normal daily routine essentials and normal

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    Festivals bring in joy where the families get together. This is an occasion to build better family relationships. This year we have to very careful by showing our care for the family by maintaining social distance with all the nucleus family even in a get together lunch. It is better not to call more relatives for festival poojas as well enjoy an eco-friendly Diwali by lighting diyas.
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    In India every festival is celebrated with joy. Lots of crowd can be seen on the roads and streets on festivals like Holi and Diwali and that would be tough to control spreading of coronavirus. It is therefore helpful for us and society to celebrate these festivals in a controlled manner.

    What will happen if we don't submerge Ganesha idol in the river this time on Ganesh Chatruthi? Festivals will come next year too but if we get affected by the coronavirus we won't be able to see and experience the festivals next year.


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    Festivals are basically observed to please the God, to enjoy the occasion, and to show our culture to the world that we belong to a particular society. So festivals are our identity and how is it possible that we would not celebrate them. Unfortunately, the present virus crisis has put up a brake on our gregarious indulgences and we have to take a conscious decision to protect the society by simply observing the festival on isolation. Many people are having a wrong and misleading concept that if authorities allow we should observe the festivals and mix up with each other. This is a disastrous thinking and even God might not be able to help us in that situation. It is said that God does not like fools and lets them have their own end. So, this is the time to ponder and use our mind in a rational and logical ways to avoid any social gathering and mixing as that is the only way to slow down this evil till it dies in its own ways or some drug is invented in the mean time to eradicate it.
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    At present India is not ready to think of future as the present itself very grave and the situation is going bad to worse until the vaccine or drug is found to contain the spread of virus. One thing is sure, people are having fear factor as the central and state governments ruled out further lock down and that means everyone has to mend their own way and we are alone responsible for bringing in corona or spreading the same, Already during the lock down we lost so many festivals and even forgotten some of the days to be observed. In future also the temples would be celebrating low key festivals and may be we would be viewing live on social media. And as far as festivals at home, that would depend on the salaries that would be regularized and then think of celebrating any festivities or occasions.
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    Many of the festivals will be celebrated in the family only. But Ganesh Chaturthi, Vijayadasami and Ramanavami will be celebrated more on the streets than in the houses. But this year we have to stop that. Already Telangana government declared that the Festival of Bonalu will be celebrated in house only. This is a very famous celebration in this State and on Sundays, all the families of that area will come out and offer meals to the Goddess and they eat there and go back. But due to this Virus, the government asked the people to offer to the Goddess from the house only and celebrate in house only.
    Khairatabad is the place where we see the biggest Ganapathi idol. They decided this year to have a very small idol like what we have in our houses and perform a pooja. There will not be any big celebrations there. I think the other areas will also follow the same system.
    We should not gather at a particular place forgetting the Social distance. Even though the places of worship are opened many people are not going even to temples.

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    The problem with not having pandals is that it may not be acceptable to many people in the first place. They are determined to practice their faith in the same way because of some inherent fear that if they do not set up the pandal like in previous years or have the idol of a particular height they will be cursed. How to deal with this fear and convince them that inherent faith is what matters?
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    After a Supreme Court order, the annual Lord Jagannath Yatra in Puri has been held as per the schedule without anybody allowed to line the roads. Curfew was also imposed during the time of the procession and will be in place up to 2 p.m. tomorrow so that devotees would not step out of their homes to witness the procession. However, as per the directive of the Supreme Court, the Yatra in Ahmedabad was not permitted to be held outside the temple premises.

    Will such curbs like curfews be the norm for visarjan processions of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga idols?

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