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    The path to progress is as important as the progress itself

    In the recent past, the PM has started talking about self-reliance. Central to this concept is the means to that end. Progress cannot be meaningful if it cannot guarantee a basic minimum wage and decent social security to the vast millions who would contribute all their might to the progress of any State.

    All eyes are on UP where the CM has made an atrocious statement that any employer in any other State would need his permission to employ any labour from his State!! With the worst record of health care, education, corruption in every walk of life, bad roads, worst possible records in safety of women and what have you, one really wonders if this most backward State of India can even go anywhere near it's dream of providing jobs to all its eligible mass of young people. Ridiculous policy announcements, such as total abolition of all labour laws for three years has met with stiff resistance from his own party, the BJP. The Chief Minister has not issued any clarification.

    It is one thing to talk big. It is quite another to push action in whatever form and give a concrete meaning to progress. There is hardly any sign of meaningful action anywhere in UP.

    Let the Chief Minister of UP start taking at least the basic steps...
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    I agree with the title of the Post by the author. Getting success or progress is important but at the same the path we have chosen to get it is also very important. In Mahabharat, Sakuni says that one should become big and the path is not important for that. I disagree with him. It may be correct for a man like Sakuni who is 100% cunning in nature.
    But how the actions and words of UP Chief Minster are relevant here I don't know. I don't want to get into an argument with the author for his comments.
    Self-reliance is what everybody should think about himself. Self-reliance of an individual will lead to your progress and if all the people are progressing, the country will also progress. What are the opportunities available and how can I get a chance in one of those opportunities? This should be the way one should think.
    I understand UP is also creating a list of people available with their skill set and they are creating opportunities to them and they made PF and ESI compulsory to all such people. Let us wait and see how far it will go.

    always confident

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