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    Every suicide is a forced murder with no evidence!

    Suicide is never an end to a problem, its a beginning to numerous new issues. Suicide is never a case where a person ends himself, its a case where a person is forced to end himself. When a person does so, the person acts as an entrance to many unrelated instincts which feeds the growing physical competitive world.

    In today's world, people find a solution for suicides by uploading stories in social media asking others to share their problems with them. But, if a person actually comes up and tries to express their problems people may not respond positively. They would rather work on gadgets! The actual solution is so simple that a word from you can save a life. Spending time with people give people undergoing depression a reason to live.

    Every time when someone commits suicide, it's we who need to be blamed for making them feel left out.

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    The author has put the entire blame of suicides or suicidal tendencies on others as well as on the society where people do not give words of sympathy and extend help to each other or specifically to those recipients who are already having such extreme tendencies in their life due to some personal compelling reasons. There could be many reasons for suicide and we cannot attribute one reason to all cases. In the advanced countries like Japan group suicides take place. Whom to blame? It is generally seen that introvert and depressive personalities have suicidal tendencies and if they do not get success in their lives commensurate with their ambitions then such complex situations arise which give rise to such extreme actions. So each case of suicide is to be analysed in detail to find out the root causes and we would find different causes in different cases.
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    Once again nice post from the author. Actually people are getting restless as they are not into the main grove of life and feel that the world has ended for them because they have not faced such worst situations in life in past and they do not know how to come out of challenging situations. If problems or the crisis in life were to be addressed through suicide it is equivalent to murder and many would have died so far. But the young and youth need to be addressed on this issue and those who can give them the solace must reach out and assure them that the life is to live and not to end abruptly. It is always advised to have a good friend who can shoulder your bad moments and listen to the problems being faced. When such open discussions takes place the person would feel greatly relieved because there is someone who has listened to him.
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    Suicide is the last resort to anybody. Why one should go for Suicide. It is not solving any problems. It is only to escape from the problems. By committing suicide one may be escaping from problems but the problems will not get solved and they have to be solved by the family members or his legal heirs. If a person is going for suicide, he is pushing his family into more troubles. These days we are finding many psychiatrists who are advising depressed people methods to come out of that suicide tendency.
    I don't think we can hold society responsible for this suicides. Even we can't blame somebody else for this. The person who committed suicide only to be blamed There will be problems for all the people and they should face them and solve them. As required they can take the help of others.
    In this world of competition, everyone is having their own problems and they may not have time to see the problems if others. So it is the individual who has to take care of himself.

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