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    Do I need to make any changes in this post?


    I posted a thread a few days ago and now its status is pending with below mentioned message.

    "The status of this thread is Pending and require some modification by the author.
    Reason: Checking for copied content."

    Please suggest me what modification is required in this thread.

    Here is the link to that thread:
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    Nowadays, there are some softwares which are run to find the genuineness of a creative work to safeguard against the menace of plagiarism that is things like copy and paste. In many sites and specially ISC it is totally prohibited. So one has to rewrite the ideas and contents in one's own ways adding the other points from one's side and make it a genuine writing. Most of the authors write in their own style and pattern. They do not copy and paste from one site to another. So by modification it is simply meant that one has to rewrite the whole thing from one's perspective and content also need not to be the same as different people have different outlooks and ideas for the same subject. So from my experience I would suggest to ignore that piece of work and rewrite a fresh one which has your style stamp on it.
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    Sachin, the post under reference has been deleted. There are portions in your thread of which the originality is doubtful. Further, the post is too lengthy for a thread and does not call for a discussion as such. You may try submitting the topic as an article after rewriting the same in your own words. Please ensure that you do not repeat the sentences in the thread that has now been rejected.

    Note- Posting contents suitable for articles in the forum when a restriction is placed on posting articles is not acceptable. Both are different sections and are governed by different set of rules and requirements.

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