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    One should be able to explain the logic behind his action if asked for

    All of us will be performing many actions every day in our domestic front and in our work front also. All these actions should be meaningful and we should be able to explain why we have acted like that in that particular situation and what is the logic behind that action. Otherwise, they will be considering our actions as waste.

    Even the topmost person of an Organisation should also able to explain the logic behind his actions if the Board of Directors asks for it.

    Even the officially elected government should explain its reasoning for the actions it has taken to the judiciary system if asked for.

    We all should keep this in mind when we take action in our day to day lives. I think the other learned members of ISC will be in agreement with me in this.
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    Whether somebody, maybe any higher authority, is asking or not there must be a reason for any action. It's a natural process of taking some action to resolve a certain issue. The action is taken after considering various aspects of the issue but at times some actions are taken hurriedly. When an action is taken either in a hurry or without considering various aspects associated with it then it becomes questionable. For example, if there is a fire you will definitely take actions to douse the fire and nobody should question the reasons behind such action. But after the fire, if you destroy/demolish the premises without searching for any survivor then others will question you why you demolished before a thorough search. Therefore, before taking any action one must have a valid explanation/logic for that. But at times, there are people who ask such questions which are insignificant and they ask such questions after almost every action. I think it's not possible to explain to those people the replies they ask for.

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    Without action there cannot be a reaction. So if the actions are supportive to us we can expect a positive reaction else the negative effects will have a drastic impact in our lives.
    This thread has connected me to my student life.When there is action there is a reaction, third law of Newton , see how science is connected to our life.

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    Logic and ration all come later in life. Initially it is just the basic natural actions and responses. Then it is obedience due to fear and insecurity or some gains. Then we learn the reasons and need of actions and reactions. Then comes the logic and rationalisation for justification.
    When we just comply and follow, the laid down rules and guidelines will be having their own logic and logic behind our complying is as above-gain, fear, insecurity, achievement, survival etc.
    If we do something not expected of us or not normal , or exceptional, then we may be asked explanation about logic or reason.

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    This happens in our life many times that when we take a decision or do an action then people usually ask the rationale behind our actions especially when we fail in our endeavours. Once we explain them that then they become satisfied and convinced. It is human nature to prove that other person is doing a wrong thing as he is no way more intelligent than us. To affirm that only people ask the reasons and ideas behind any action by anybody. There are some instances that due to personal reasons sometimes we do not want to disclose our motive or thinking behind our actions and then comes the problem of satisfying that person who is somehow hell bent to get the answer of his question. In such circumstances we can only give him superficial details and he may or may not be satisfied with our explanations. So, we should be ready to answer them in such cases but it is not mandatory that we share our motives of doing our actions with them.
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