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    Curriculum should involve Physical Education as a subject since childhood.

    Keeping in mind the present day scenario where kids, teens, adults and everyone is indulged in mobile phones so intensely that none can notice the person sitting next to him. Even parents when stuck in some household or official work give their mobile phones to kids to watch stories and rhymes or play games so that they won't disturb them.
    In such situations mobiles have taken the place of physical exertion which was previously done by the kids and children by playing outdoor games. These days children have almost stopped playing outdoor games at home. Even during games period in the school hours children love to talk about the gadgets, their new video games and connecting each other for playing video games. They are now least interested in outdoor games, the resultant of which is their worsening health and eye sight.
    In such situations it becomes the responsibility of schools to include physical education as a compulsory subject in all the classes. This will not only provoke the interest of the children in games rather they would also learn team spirit, game spirit, leadership qualities and how to accept failure. This is turn would help them in becoming a healthy competitor and facing obstacles courageously making them fit and healthy.
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    In our high school studies, Physical education was also a part of education. I think the same will be in continuing in all government schools. Daily we used to have one period for PE. We were having two Physical Education teachers and they used to train us in games and other physical activities. NCC or Scout moment is compulsory for the students. Those days there were no corporate schools. But these days many private schools don't even have a playground. forget about the teacher. The government should insist the private schools also to have teachers for training students in games and for playground also.
    As explained by the author mobile phones are taking a lot of time from the young people. The young people don't have interest in real games where physical exercises are involved but they have a lot of appetite for virtual games. This trend should change and the parents should see that their children will have some physical work also so that they will have no fitness problems. That is good for their health also,

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    A very important thing that we all must keep in mind and the CBSE has already announced sometime last year that from the academic year 2019, Physical Education will be a compulsory subject in school from class I till class VIII. Earlier, they have made the subject Health and Physical Education (HPE) compulsory for classes IX to XII. Everyone should understand that life is not only about scoring marks and if one is not physically fit she/he won't be able to carry out any activities, let alone studies, efficiently. A healthy body and a healthy mind is the prime requirement for all of us and we do many things to keep ourselves physically fit. There are many who neglect physical fitness and in turn, suffer from various health issues. We are so busy nowadays, that we became like machines. We are working all the time but forget that any work involves our health as well as mind.

    Through this platform, I would like to appeal to the parents of the kids who do not have physical education as a compulsory subject to include some kind of physical activities in the regular routine of the kids. Let the kids attend some Yoga or Aerobic training programs and it will be always better if the parents can themselves join their kids for such activities.


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    Physical education was a part of education during our school days. The teacher employed for this education was really interested to keep their pupils fit physically with the introduction of different exercises such as running, jogging and stretching the bodies of each participant. Our Principal was of opinion that without the maintenance of physical health, concentration in studies cannot be augmented.
    Hence he requested the management to recruit a teacher taking care of the students in their physical involvements in forms different physical exercises. Such implementation of programmes had definitely helped us in establishing balance between our body and mental frame. At least, I felt that there was no fat deposition around my belly while studying in my school.
    Unfortunately, in most of the schools now a days don't attach much importance on this count. Then the parents should take proactive steps to inculcate the physical exercise from their ends so that their kids realise the importance of physical exercises.

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