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    Is there any solution in your mind to settle the border issue between India & China

    ISC has educated, intelligent, knowledgeable members who can think well and find solutions to problems. As of now, we are facing a problem with China on our borders. We are struggling hard both Militarily and politically, to find a solution to end the border dispute. There is no demarcated border that is causing problems for both countries. War is a solution, but we don't prefer it. Despite military talks, we have clashed on our borders.

    Do you have any other solution other than war, if the military and political authorities fail to bring an end to this problem?

    Without using our guns, tanks, rockets, missiles, and without any loss of lives, we should bring an end to this problem.

    What is on your mind? Let us know.
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    We should settle this issue with discussions only. Now India is having the support of many other countries. That is a positive point for us. So we should make strong points in support of our claim and that should be placed before China and they should be able to tell us why they are in agreement with our points. Otherwise, they should agree. But it is not that easy subject to come to a settlement. But these discussions will be useful to avert war and to get some times so that we will understand the intentions of China in a better way.
    Otherwise, whether the matter can be placed before UNO is another question. Whether UNO will entertain this type of border issues is also a question mark. Instead of going for a war discussing the issues bilaterally or in UNO will be better so that there will not be any loss to anyone of the two countries involved.

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    What I feel that China has been rattled by India's progress and the way we have been dealing the pandemic was also a shock to them. While the world is having growing enmity with other countries, India has good relations with many countries thanks to our PM Modi who toured so many countries and earned their praise and support for India. At this juncture when US want to make China responsible to pay for the corona pandemic and even going with anti China measure in country and US moving closely with India has rattled the dragon country and thus involved in the cheap mission of creating the border issue . Actually our forces where within the boundary and they encroached the Galwan valley since many years and does created the need for India to take the violation serious and there is no excuse for China and it has to face the tune with great action from India.
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    India's policy is never for the war, it always harps on the discussions and amicable solutions. But in case of China, it is becoming very difficult as it is very adamant and slowly expanding its geographical limits in our territory and no country would tolerate it. If we see the history of wars in the world then the root cause is the expansion and aggression by some people on others and then the defenders have no choice except to fight. If enemy knocks at our doors what would we do? There are only two ways either escape from the back door or face the enemy with the weapons whatever you have. Today we are in a world where population is increasing and resources are decreasing so some strong countries who have military might would try to attack the weaker ones and in this situation it is imperative that we have to be strong. That is why I always advocate for compulsory military training before any job in our country. We must learn from Israel in this matter if we want to survive. Once enemy knows our strength it would think twice to fight with us.
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    In the year 1962, China attacked on us and India had to fight back but that time we were caught by surprise as we always believed in peace and never imagined that it would attack us. After that India increased its army as well as increased the defence budget also. It is also true that we are a peace loving country and do not believe in fighting so may be through cordial discussion some resolution might be achieved in the matter. If it is not possible then there is no other go than a war.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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