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    Are we aware-an introspection begins

    Just like we gave way for the British to establish trade with India, we took almost all products which China manufactured. What happened is British ruled India for more than 3 decades similarly China is also ruling us virtually without our knowledge.

    So we did not understand the psychology of China who is spinning a web.
    A few threads made an attempt to give us an information about boycotting campaign as well as why we prefer a few products are discussed.

    Now, let's come to the point, are we aware of the applications and products that we are using at our home which is produced by China. Make a list of atleast two to four items skipping on repetitions. It can be an app or a product.

    Just make a list, do not explain in detail as we have already expressed our views. This thread is mainly to know ourselves that which are the products we should boycott in the mere future. If possible suggest an alternate.

    Let me begin
    Helo app - replaced it by ( suggest an alternate)
    Tik tok-replace it by Mitron app
    Hope to expect short replies from members.
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    I do not use any Chinese made app at all. I had some Chinese mobiles some years ago. But they are all non-functional now and are lying somewhere as scrap. As an abundant precaution to avoid any possible misuse I had not disposed them to scrap dealers.
    To the best of my knowledge I am having only an Android TV box of Chinese make (that also not used any time recently). I do not know if the item is manufactured in India. If available I am ready to discard this Chinese piece. I don't know if the other major appliances or devices I use have Chinese made components.

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    As such we do not have many items or gadgets in our house and except our children mobile and tab everything is Indian and even our fridge is of Godrej brand. Therefore I can talk about boycotting China makes and products. Unknowingly many people might have accumulated the Chinese products in their homes because we had the good relation of Hindi Chini bhai bhai. Now after the the border clashes and martyring our valuable soldiers and officials we are more disturbed to punish China through the weakening of economy. Already the BSNL and Railways has cancelled the Chinese OEM products which were used earlier. When the govt departments start discarding the Chinese products, even the people would keep away at least from now. So as of now we should say Hindi to Chini bye bye.
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    If I look superficially, I would not get anything of Chinese source in my household including the gadgets but going deeply we can find many apps in our mobiles and many items in our houses which are sourced from the Chinese manufacturers. Interestingly many of the gift items that are with me given to me by my friends and relatives are all made in China. They are stacked in one corner of my drawing room and as well as in one rack in storage cupboard. This thread is motivating me to search more such things in my lap and then either replace them with the indigenous ones or ask advice of people for any suitable replacement. Let me go more deeply in this inquest and hopefully I would comeback with some discreet data before this thread becomes too old to respond.
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    When I raised a thread - Each and every village in India should have an industry for the development of our nation, Editor Saji has locked that thread and directed me to join this thread. Now I find, my locked thread has no relevance to this thread.
    Will Mr. Saji unlock the locked thread and leave it open for discussion? I do not understand why ISC is trying to conserve threads.

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    Yes. Introspection started. The Indian Railways cancelled the order they placed on a Chinese company and same is the case with BSNL also. There is a chance the Central government with come out with a ban on Chinese products in India. So many people started thinking in this direction and many postings on this subject in social media.
    We, in our house, don't have any electronic items or other items made in China. There may be some small items which came unnoticed. Now we have to stop them also.
    My elder son wants to purchase a mobile. Today morning there was a discussion among the family members and everybody felt that he should not go for a China-made. He agreed. He is thinking of going for Samsung which is not a china product.
    Like this, if every family and every person starts thinking we will definitely stop Chineses products.

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