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    Helping hands are divine interventions

    Life is full of ups and downs. It is so unpredictable that no one can say for sure how it would turn the next moment. Every human will come across certain phases in life where he might find himself helpless; a situation which he finds it difficult to come out from. It may be physical, mental, social or financial problems that can make a hell of your life. You might feel dejected and weak no matter how confident you were or however strong you are. It is in such situations that you yearn for a helping hand. A few words or an act that assures you that you are not alone and that there is someone to support you in one way or the other can bring about a change in your life in a way that you might not have anticipated in such circumstances. Have you ever had such experiences? Have you ever felt a divine intervention?
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    Yes. Some of my friends were really crucial in removing my depression and making me happy. I won't be able to forget those beautiful people. But instead of seeing helping hands as an intervention, I see them as a need. There comes a time when you are completely swept off floor and all you can do is watch fate take its course. In those times only an external help from a helping hand can save you. Life is consistent that way and we all may need a helping hand at time. Helping hands could be anything. A motivational video. A motivational person. A really resourceful person. In some cases your religious faith. I see it as a need in life hence.
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    Helping is a great thing in the sense that it can change the lives of the people around us. This is a real life experience that I want to share here. When I was working during my thirties, I was transferred to a new place and was posted in a group in a big office where only 10-12 people were working in that group under one common boss. One of our colleague was a bit sensitive and temperamental and sometimes was absent from the job also and was later regularising it by applying for leave. Slowly when I used to get introduced to all of them and started to visit their houses and they also reciprocated then I came to know that the particular person was suffering from bouts of depression and his behaviour was like that during such times. We used to go out in the lunch hours for a short stroll outside and sometimes had tea etc also outside but he never accompanied us and remained aloof. He was otherwise very cordial and respectful except some bouts of anger and aggression occasionally. Many people disliked him, especially who do not understand the intricacies of depression and its manifestations. Some of us talked about it and thought as how can we help him. We talked to his family also in his absence about it and came to know more things about his behaviour. Anyway taking it as a challenge we started to involve him in our activities slowly and gradually and after some efforts he started to come with us in lunch time and also joined us for picnics and when we gave him some responsibility to organise a picnic he did it in a most professional way and over a period of 1 year he was a totally changed person laughing and enjoying with friends. Her wife and parents thanked us for that great help rendered and this was basically a team effort and yielded a good result but the main thing is we wanted to help him.
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    Timely help from somebody will be surely appreciated and we will be grateful to the person who helped us during that time. I tell you about my personal experience.
    After completing my M.Sc, I was getting ready to go back to my native place. I received a call from a professor to meet him in his office. I met him and he advised me that I should do my PhD. I told him the necessity of a fellowship to do my PhD. I explained to him the financial position of my family and told him my parents are not in a position to support me financially anymore. In fact, they are looking at me for help for the family. Then the Professor told me that I will get a CSIR fellowship otherwise he told me that I can stay with him in the house and complete my PhD. He will support me financially also. His words motivated me and I thought I should do a PhD. I applied for my CSIR fellowship as that Professor as the Guide. I went to my native place. Luckily, I got the CSIR fellowship and I joined for my PhD under him. He helped me a lot and I am always grateful to him for his encouragement. Because of the fellowship, I was able to do my PhD and also support my family financially.

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    Actually everyone would go through this phase, we may have money, we may have good intention, we may help others and when it comes our own dejection and resigning from life, we feel left over and not cared. In that situation some one would come as God sent and give us the required solace which cannot be measured in terms of money, or pleasure given to us. Yes timely intervention by those are the God sent and we should always respect those people. During this lock down, when I was running out money, one of my close friend who sensed my situation and came personally to help me with cash and I could not forget such timely and he is God for me for ever.
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