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    The boon of my life!

    It was the day of NEET results, I was so nervous. Then got to know that my all India rank was around 41,000 , I then didn't know that, that was actually a good score. I couldn't understand what next I'd do. For no reason, I myself decided that I will join degree College before hand, so that I don't get depressed when I don't get an MBBS seat. As I scored 98% in my inter exams, I was welcomed by the degree College and asked me to opt for one of the toughest courses which had genetics in it, which is one of the fascinating subjects for me. On the day of fee payment, one last hope of getting an MBBS seat suddenly struck my mind and thus we came back home without joining the degree College.

    We then went to our College where they didn't know the actual cut-off and weren't pretty sure if I'd get a government seat. We were about to set out from there with thoughts wandering all around and then my principal suddenly asked me if one of my parents had an ESI card. I then recollected that my mother has one. Then she told us that a new College namely ESIC Medical College has been established and there is a separate quota available for candidates of insured persons, and that there is a chance for me to surely get a seat there. My father, I must say this, though I lost all my hopes, he was the one who kept rushing to every possible place to make that happen. He spent half of his time in the regional office waiting for my certificates to be verified. There were lot of hurdles and one among them literally made me feel, that if I don't get an MBBS seat now , I will do long term to get one but not enter into some other course. Those hurdles made my goal really strong. Then we overcame every hurdle and surpassed the journey. Thankfully, I was the one who scored highest among all those who applied and moreover my mother has satisfied all the criteria they mentioned and thus I got the boon of my life - The admission letter .

    It's always our parents who gift us what all we need. It's true in every context in my life, for they've also given me the boon of my life and that's the main reason for me to shine in this course and succeed till date.
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    I am grateful to say she is my sister. We know how she struggled to come up. She is an awesome teacher who guided me in many things. I am inspired by her. She is the role model in my life. This post is lovely and is true.

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    After hearing this I remember my admission days to M.Sc. After completing my B.Sc. I want to go for my M.Sc. My father wanted me to for B.Ed. But some I am able to convince him with the help of my mother and her father. My father told me that he is not ready to admit me in a faraway place. I have applied in Andhra University campus and PG Centre, Rajahmundry. I got call letters from both the places in the waiting list. In the PG centre, I am No:2 in the waiting list and in AU campus it is N0: 10. But the problem is the date of the interview is the same. I can't attend both the place at the same time. If I ignore one and go to the other place I may be losing the chance. Finally, I thought I will personally go to AU campus only as I have a lot of interest. My father told me that he will go to the other place to ask the in-charge for a day's time. I went to university and was lucky enough to get the seat in the campus. Those days there were no mobile phones and I couldn't contact my father and inform him. With this experience, I know the anxiety of a student until he/ she joins in the course.
    I always thank my parents and grandfather fo their encouragement during my education.

    always confident

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    This post is the classic example for everyone to rewind their past life of success and share the same as we are duty bound to thank all those who were helped us and stood as the pillar in the process of success. The expression of gratitude is the sum of the author hard work and coupled with the luck factor and taking the action at the right time would surely attain the success. In the life we decide something and the destiny wants to give us further best, then who are we to deny and the same thing happened with the author. We thought of genetics and she got the luck calling on her to do MBBS.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nice write up recalling the struggles, tension, helpless feeling and the sudden intervention by fate to turn things into positive.
    I quote my favourite quote" Pray to God, Oh Sailor, but row towards the shore".

    Without our knowledge there are many others who pray for us and when their prayers get answered, it becomes a boon for us.

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