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    I am new to India Study Channel

    I am Abhigna. I am 9 years old. I like writing stories and diaries. I was told about this website by my relatives K. Mohan and Mohan Amrutha and Aditya. I want to improve my writing skills. I am studying in 5th class. Kindly support me. I will be writing many future content with my family's help. Thanks regards Abhigna.
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    Abigna, welcome to ISC! I am not sure whether a kid of your age would be able to get along with this site but I do appreciate your interest in reading and writing and hope you will stand to benefit from your association here. Mohan, Aditya and Amrutha must have given you a picture about this site and must have guided you as to the requirements of this site. Since you have joined this prestigious site now, I suggest you spend some time reading the contributions of our members in the different sections so that you will come to know what is acceptable and how you should be writing out your ideas. Don't be in a hurry. You have lots of time left with you to learn and you must make use of that.

    You can very well take the help of your parents or siblings but remember that we would be expecting only such contents from you as can be expected of a Class V student. Also, not with any intention to discourage you, let me be frank and tell you that our guidelines and rules would be equally applicable to you as would be for any other member.

    Don't worry. We will surely support you and encourage your interests to our best possible extent. Read, learn and start by contributing responses to forum threads. We would like to see you writing in your own words without any spelling mistakes.

    All the best!

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    Welcome, Abigna. At a very young age, you are showing a very good inclination to improve your knowledge. That is very nice of you and I wish you all the best. I hope ISC will be helpful to you in your knowledge acquiring process.
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    Welcome Abigna,
    It's really pleasant to know that you at such a young age have joined ISC. As you have mentioned about your interest in writing stories, I would certainly love to read your posts. All the best.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    This site is for learning and even children are the great learner. If any child shows interest and want to learn as a passion we must welcome them and guide them. Warm welcome to Abigna and though she is small child she talks sense and also write good English. She may not participate in discussions or give replies to other threads, but the urge in her to keep the writing spirit going and share the same with other members need to be appreciated and applauded. She has been guided by me and by my children so ISC members can be just assured of the good exchange of views from others.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Welcome Abhigna. Proud to have a kid I once held in my arms, writing in the same platform. May god bless you . You always have our support. Keep writing and keep implementing the suggestions given by the respectful members here.
    Every step has its own height

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    Every step has its own height

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    Dear Abhigna,
    Welcome to this site. When a 14-year-old boy Abhigya (the name sounds similar with one different alphabet y)can be a great astrologer who could predict the corona attack in advance, why not Abhigna at nine do a miracle at ISC as a member. You have your Mohan, Aditya and Amrutha to guide you. Nine is a very fine age with knowledge. Moreover, the present generation Nine has tremendous knowledge and power of understanding things well. They can read, write, listen and speak well,

    I am sure, you will perform well. Don't try to build Rome in one day. Take your own sweet time; go through the different sections of ISC; understand the ISC guidelines; get your doubts cleared from your dear Mohan uncle family. Ensure that you don't commit spelling mistakes.

    My best wishes, Abhigna. God bless you.


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    Dear Abhigna,
    To start with your activities at ISC, there is a golden opportunity for you to fill in the message box.
    ISC ME has announced a story writing contest on the subject "Box", any box that is related to school. You can think of some boxes and write a creative story about one particular box. Try your best to get a cash prize. Kindly avoid spelling and grammar mistakes in your post. All the Best.

    No life without Sun

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    Welcome Abigna to this site known popularly as ISC. Normally I am very active and aggressive in welcoming the new members and try to guide them also but seeing your tender age I am a bit constrained to advise you anything at this stage as you would be selective in your contributions here. You can learn more about this site by the fellow members and to begin with I am seeing two places where you can start contributing. First is you can ask questions. Sometimes children ask questions which even elders are not able to explain. Second is try to write some articles related to the education and learning of the kids and students in our country. What are their difficulties and what do they think of the present education system and many such related topics. As the Lead Editor has already indicated we would like to hear from you in your own language and style and no copy and paste from anywhere is allowed. This site is equipped with softwares to catch that quickly and we would not like such embarrassing moments for anyone in this site. You can sharpen your writing skills as well as your English language here and that is one main thing for which this site has a good reputation in the internet arena. So I wish you to grow gradually with contributing in this site and God bless you.
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    Welcome to Abigna, the new kid member of ISC,among us the grown up kids!

    No, I am not kidding when I say that I just could not believe it; a nine year old coming to this site. Make it your positive playground.

    Before reading this intro post, I saw your post in response to Amrutha's thread about a boon in her life. I was really impressed. I never thought it was from a nine year old student. But that signals well and shows great potential.(Your writing reflects your meaningful name)

    A suggestion. Now that your regular classes are not there you can spend time in ISC. However once the regular classes resume, give priority to that and visit ISC only as a positive hobby and relaxation.
    Welcome and wish you all the best.

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    This is a bit surprising but at the same time encouraging for us that a child is joining the community with so much confidence and vigour. I also welcome you and look forward to your contributions.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    You are a hardworking child and you have amazing talent of story telling. You are typing all the posts by yourself too. I want you to expand on all the things you already know. Try to come up with thought provoking threads and stories equally, because that is what the site demands. You ask me many intriguing and tough to answer questions, which you can post here.
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