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    What are the patterns of surnames in different parts of India?

    Surname is the name used by a person along with one's individual name. We can find the origin of surname differs in different parts of India. In the Telugu states of AP and TS, the surname originates from family name passed from generation after generation. Some people have surnames denoting their clan or cate name. Some people use their father's name as surname. In Karnataka people use their region or town as their surname. In some places the surname will be used first and the individuals name as second name but in some places it will be separate. In the applications they ask to write and second name. But what is first and what is second name? Members, please give your interesting observations about the way surnames used in different parts of India.
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    True. Names of persons differ from state to state, In Tamilnadu, We take the father's name as initial or first name, and the last name or surname would be the caste name.
    Father's name: Suryadev (First Name)
    Son's name: Shani (Middle name)
    Caste: Achary (last name/surname)
    The name would be - Suryadev Shani Achary. (or) S Shani Achary (or) SS Achary.
    These days, people avoid using their caste name. Hence they have their father's name as firstname, and their own name as surname.

    With experience, I would recommend the following.
    Father's name: Suryadev
    Mother's Name: Chayadevi
    Son's Name ' Shani

    The name would be - Suryadev Chayadevi Shani (SC Shani)
    One should have his/her father's and mother's name as initial. Every name should have only two initials. This will be a strong name with strong initials. There cannot be a duplicate SC Shani.

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    Many of the Surnames in the Telugu States are the names of some areas in the States. For example, Addanki is a surname in these states. There is a place called Addanki. There are villages in Andhra Pradesh by name Chenrolu. There are some people with the surname of Chebrolu. Like this, we can give some other examples also. Earlier days in some cases the practice of naming the male child with the name of Child's grandfather was there. My grand father's name is Veda Murty. My brother was named also as Veda Murty. For the female child will be named with the name of the child's grandmother.
    The same surname will be there to people belonging to different castes. So by knowing the surname we can't say to which caste the person belongs.

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    The name of a person has two parts one is his name which is only to distinguish him from others and is given by the parents as per their choice. In fact there are hundreds of names suggested to them and they choose one with which they have a fancy. The second part is actually something that changes from place to place and country to country depending upon the local conventions and traditional followings. This second part is generally linked to the clan or tribe or group or even the place and denotes the background of the people as from which society they belong. So, these two parts are altogether different but they make the name of a person as a full name. It is immaterial which one you place earlier or which one you place after. Generally this second name is taken as surname in our official circles and we write it in the beginning of our data base just as a convention and not as a rule. So I can find out in my data base as how many Rao's are there by simply searching for 'Rao'. That is the concept and use of surname in official circles. The confusion starts when in some application forms it is asked to provide your first name and then middle name (which may or may not have any relevance in individual cases) and then the surname assuming that every one writes that in that fashion. As it is not so there are always confusions in the mind of people as what to write in first box and so on. Let me give my example as my name is Umesh Chandra Bhatt. I belong to a Kumauni (Uttarakhand State) Brahmin family 'Bhatt' so my surname is Bhatt. All the people in my village have surname as Bhatt only. Umesh is my first name by which I am known. Chandra is only a decorative middle piece as some people liked to place it there otherwise I would had been simply Umesh Bhatt.
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    In our brahmins caste we carry the legacy of father, great grand father or the great grand mother name for the down the line siblings and thus my name starts with K Mohan denoting Krishna Swmy Mohan and that is my father name. In Telangana village life, the male and female have the similar name like Pochaiah and Pochamma and Ramaiah and Ramulallama. And invariably I have seen that the Maharashtrains would carry the name of their birth place with them like Bilolikar, Ratnakar, Mumbaikar etc. But many carry their caste name in the tag end and promotes their religion and identifies them example the Reddy community.
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    I do not have a surname. I was embarrassed when people asked me about surname when I got a job in Maharashtra. I had to expand my initials. But then I became person with longest name among us colleagues. I did not envisage then, all the problems I may have to face after many years. When each and everything had to be proved with documents and ID card, I stood facing problems.
    After things have become digital and our system is just following the US system, when filling up certain forms I face the problem. My SSLC book does not have surname. It does not bear First Second and Third names.
    But nowadays most forms may ask First name, Middle name, Lat name etc. I am still not clear what why should these be written. As that system is not there (at least till someone needed for going to US or other countries) many people somehow added some names to their names before and after. So now I may be facing lot of problem if I have to visit USA or other similar countries. I think different countries have different interpretations on this.
    I have not corrected somemistakes in certain documents because now I cannot furnish proof for them. For example one of the initials of my name stand for the house name where I spent my childhood -my grandfather's house. There is no such house there. Where from can I bring proof for expanding the initials to be recorded in some of my ID proof documents?
    Now my son faces the same problem. He is addressed in my name.

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