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    What we see in ourselves when we stand in front of the mirror?

    We always start our day by worshipping god and just after that each and almost every one of us look ourselves in mirror. We feel not only satisfied but also cheerful when we look at our face in the mirror. There's a sense of pride which makes us feel happy. We also feel happy because we lobe ourselves the most. A crying face turns happy when looks at own reflection into the mirror.

    Previously when royal kings and emperors used to go for wars they looked into the mirror for their pride and confidence, on normal days they looked if they could look into their own eyes or not, queens looked into the mirror before meeting their beloved kings for their beauty.

    I want to ask a question what we actually look for, now, when we stand in front of mirror?
    Do we look for confidence or beauty or whether we are capable to look into our eyes or we just give a random glance without any thought?
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    In simple words, I would express my thought process on the subject "Looking at the mirror". It is to ensure that we look good to others. We may be anything at home. But we will have to be something outside our home. People should respect us, people should like us, people should praise us. People should not ridicule us, people should follow us, people should treat us well, etc.
    Initially, for a few days, a newly married couple would look at the mirror and ensure they look good to their spouse as they are strangers united in life. After a while, they won't care about their look, as they have become two in one, and might get fed up of their makeups, and may not look at the mirror.

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    Looking at the mirror is to know how we appear to others. We should give a pleasant look to the people whom we are meeting and who are meeting us personally or for official works. We should look decent. So to confirm ourselves we are looking decent we will look at the mirror. A mirror will never bluff. It will give us the correct picture of us only. whether the dress and the tie we had is matching or not will be decided after looking at the mirror. Similarly, we will comb our hair to see that it will look in an orderly way.
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    What happens when we stand in front of the mirror ? We will see the reality. Because the mirror would not show the wrong face nor ugly face but the real face. I wonder some time people would get fascinated to see them often on the mirror as if they are getting a feed back about their looks again and again and change their way of looks. It is the thought process within us that people would be closely watching us and we should be beautiful or handsome enough to give a style statement. But the reality is that we are the same person seen yesterday, today and tomorrow and thus mirror is not the illusion but the reality face.
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    Though polished volcanic rock mirrors were in use from the earlier times, it was only 200 years back that the present high efficiency mirror was invented. There is a story that when a remote tribe was shown mirror for the first time, they started to run in fear and despair as what they had seen inside that reflecting rectangle. Only after some persuasion they became used to it. They had in fact never seen themselves in a mirror earlier. It is the truth that what we see in mirror is ourselves and most of the people love their image in the mirror, it is so well known and friendly. It is our friend whom we always meet day and night in different attires, moods and patterns of our life. For people working in show business and modelling it is the companion every time in their purse and hand bag as they have to continuous check themselves as how they are looking and how much of their hair flying in the wind and things like that which are so important in that industry. Mirror helps them to acquire that dress and matching combinations that they become cynosure of all the eyes when they reach the spot where they have to perform or act or undergo modelling. It is true for all whether men or women, as mirror is always a friend to them when they finish their get up and make up. It smiles on them and tells them to go then and attend the function or gathering whatever it is.
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    Different people have different expectations from the mirror. Some use it to check their wrinkles, some use it to dress up, some simply sit in front of it just to adore themselves and things like that. I have seen people seeing their grey hair in the mirror and worrying that they are aging fast. So, mirror has something for every one.
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    I used to say about myself that I am equal to a mirror. I laugh when you laugh and I worry when you worry. But if you fight with me, I will not fight but broken into pieces.
    Actually one psychologist told in one interview that the fear of public speaking will be cleared when you practice before a mirror. It is true in practice.

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    When we look at the mirror, and we are alone there, we feel very happy seeing our own face. We consider it handsome, beautiful.
    A Malyalam poem says that until we see our face in a mirror we think that we are the best looking person in the world.
    But we have to admit that every day we enjoy looking at our reflection. Sometimes some of u ma blame and cure God ad find fault with his creative skills and wish a little improvement here and there on our body.

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    The mirror always tells reality to the person who stands before it but many of us want to belie themselves even the mirror tells them that they are no more handsome or good looking. Infirmities of their growing age are visible on their face though, yet they still try to please themselves that they're good looking. Daubing the face with cosmetics doesn't make them beautiful but they try to make themselves attractive and they yearn for praise and admiration from other people.

    Over the course of time outer beauty or attraction begins to decay but inner beauty of person always remain attractive and beautiful.

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