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    It really pinches when the expenses made for no cause

    We have a old washing machine and it was giving service till recently and it got into non functional. But when ever we see it we want to repair the same to make it running. And engaged a service person to repair it. He asked for 600 rupees to replace a small capacitor and put a rider that even after replacing the capacitor if the machine fails to work his charges would be 350 for sure. Yes we agreed and he brought the capacitor fixed and try to run it and failed. He bought one fresh set of full total alignment and tested the machine and it was working. And now he demanded 3000 rupees as total expenses which I felt too much for old machine and refused. He took 350 service charges and went away and I lost money for nothing done. Very unhappy.
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    Some times it happens. We will end up paying more than what it is really worth. One thing I noticed these days is the mechanics are demanding high amounts. They have no work during the lockdown and they were not having any income. So whatever small works they get now, they are trying to get more money.

    In my house, there is a small leakage problem. We called a mason and shown it to him and he said that work is very high and it may cost us Rs.50000/-. Then I called another person and he told that it will cost around Rs.13000/-. Finally, I called another mason who is known to me. He has seen and just repaired it in a day and cost me just 900/-. See the difference. Many people may not believe this but it happened really,
    If we are not aware of the nature of the problem they will try to fool us. So we should go to a known party or we should get multiple opinions before we make a decision about these repairs.

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    Health is a precious element which has to taken care with nutritious foods. So keeping this in mind we went to market and bought some greens, vegetables and pomegranate. I could get only two pomegranates (half a kilo)
    for Rs. 60/-. Today when we were about to eat the fruit had rotten. I lost Rs. 30/- and could not gain any health benefits also.
    Similarly we suffer such minor losses digging deep into our pockets thus providing knowledge every day.

    Lead the leader

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    There was a time when repair expenses were cheaper. The repairs were limited to some small part replacement and not to the replacement of assemblies or boards or sub units. In my school days everyone had same design water taps in their houses and if one could repair it one could repair all. There was no variety. We had to open the tap with a wrench and replace the washer. Same thing happened with the kerosine pump stove. We used to repair all those household gadgets ourselves and when it was beyond our wits then only take it outside and paid a little amount for the repair. Today things are totally changed. The mechanic would charge some minimum amour if you call him in your house. His time has some value and if he changes some parts you have to bear the cost. So keeping the modern costly gadgets has this hidden side which emerges whenever they go bad, Now it is inevitable as the whole society is moving in the arena of AMC (annual maintenance contract) where we have to pay annually whether the appliance goes bad or not. Average AMC charges per year are in the range of 12-18% of the cost of the appliance.
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    Once in a while such things happen. We may not gain always. Sometimes we lose also. But that may worry us and we may fel guilty. 'But now I have learned to take it in mystride too.

    Somthing like Murphy's law acts. The vulnerable will be exploited.

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    Our country is a populous one and we are in a developing stage and over and above that our earning levels are far lower if we compare it with those who are working in advanced countries and earning a handsome amount of money. So, for them paying high maintenance and repair charges is not a big issue. In many countries even there is a shortage of such mechanics and home service people so their demand is also more. Many Asians work there and fill up such vacancies. They do not consider it as a menial job as remuneration is adequate. In our country it hurts us when we pay anything on higher side for repairs or such occasional works in our households and we find the cheapest available through our friends and neighbours.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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