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    Let s learn to celebrate small successes

    There are times when the smallest of contributions go unnoticed in India. Be that in arts or science or whatever. Be that in school or in college. Some small innovation made by a child that can possibly be further explored by those with huge resources.

    The local media goes gaga for a while before everything is put into the dustbin. There are many times when such small innovations or even some good things like environmental protection gets unnoticed. We need to write extensively and keep on using the social media to keep everybody talking about it. Only then we can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Even in crisis times like the present horrible virus, we are not really bothered. 30people have been cured totally in Chennai through Siddha treatment. Why not the ICMR get the AIUSH authorities to get a protocol done and delicate success everywhere. One science teacher does wonders in Kerala. It is such a big achievement. Why was she not called for national duty, particularly to help vulnerable States better organize themselves?

    We should start recognizing all small or big achievements. We cannot afford to be complacent.
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    Sorry. Read replicate in the above thread. The power is gone and with the invertor am just able to get this clarified with mobile data which seems to work.

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    If the small achievements are recognised and if we appreciate the person for his achievement, his morale will get boosted and he will get enthusiastic and try to go for bigger issues. If we reward suitably he will try for bigger issues. Not only the person who got appreciations but others who hear and see those appreciations will also try with double enthusiasm to do good things. So we should see those small successes are also well advertised so that people will never forget those issues.

    But in India unfortunately, the memory is very short. A day or two there will be many messages and appreciations and the third day we will forget about that. Our priorities will change and we leave old issues and go after new issues. We should not forget worthy issues so fast and we should keep on circulating so that people will never forget.

    A word of appreciation will make the person wiser and definitely, he will try to improve further.

    always confident

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    These kind of positive achievements are not sensational or gossip. So media do not have any value for them. They may be used a fillers once in a while. However such achievers do not work for publicity. They work with a passion. To get noticed is not easy. But once got noticed, there are now establishments and organisations under government and non-governmental level that encourage further.
    The present central government is doing netter in this regard. This can be proved if we scan the list of Padma awardees in the last few years. The deserving are noticed and recognised.

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    Govt is doing many efforts for revival of Ayurvedic and Siddha systems in our country through the Ayush ministry but more efforts are probably required to encourage the people who are doing new research and innovation in these fields. There is definitely a great potential in these age old established things and more thrust is required to promote them. The effectiveness of such systems should be ascertained on a large scale sampling and tests and should not be merely assumed effective without that as such deductions were found false and misleading in the past during many epidemic conditions. These things require a serious effort to decipher the effectiveness of these treatments and curative practices. We have a cultural heritage of these things and it is good if the Govt gives it more consideration.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    There are numerous herbs in Sidha and Aurveda capable of curing many obstinate diseases and to know the effects of such herbs we need to refer to sarangdhar samhita contains elaborate properties of such herbs related to Ayurveda. Our ancient Vaidyas were efficient enough to detect any abnormalities in our bodies with the proper diagnosis of our Prakritis dominating in our body systems. Accordingly the herbs were prescribed to alleviate the existing disorder.
    The different herbs contain different properties and the remedy lies in the careful selection of medicines to see its curative effects.
    If we could notice the curative effects of any medicines relating to Unani or Ayurveda, there is no harm in such prescriptions and we should not have any biased views against a particular system. If Sidha system has cured 30 patients afflicted with the virus , what is coming in the way of resorting this system elsewhere? We need to be a little bit analytical in our approach.

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