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This thread is the winner of the second prize in the Creative Writing Contest on a school box.
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    The mysterious First Aid box in school

    Emily and Anastasia meet up at corridor during the recess. "Why did Mrs. Martin bring that box and put it on the classroom cupboard?",asked Emily drinking her chocolate milk. "We are going to find out in some minutes. Evil Mrs. Martin has swallowed half of our recess period for some demo- demi- ..", stuttered Anastasia. "It is called demonstration dummy", Emily laughed.

    "Yes. That. I saw a red cross on it. The symbol looks like a chain that mom wears to church", said Anastasia. Emily says,"It has nothing to do with church. There was a fire symbol and skulls and bones too. There were also symbols of knives and blood. I bet something scary is inside the box. Shall we open it?"

    Anastasia is visually irritated by the observations and implications of her friend. She always thought Emily was such a show off. "I would never do that. We should listen to elders. We don't know what could be inside it", Anastasia says unwilling to budge to Emily's ideas. "You are scared even before opening the box. Chicken!", Emily mocks her newly made friend. Emily tosses the packet of chocolate milk near the dustbin, but it misses and falls on floor. This action sparked anger in Anastasia. All of her boxed up frustration came out. "Pick it up and put it in trash! Now!", Anastasia scorned.

    "Huh? What has gotten into you suddenly?", before Emily could complete, Anastasia pinches her ears and pulls her towards the bin. "Do it", she demanded Emily, who was shook by this sudden uprising. Her denial slowly grew into anger and both friends pummel each other in school corridor. Other students rush to stop the duel but Anastasia pushes Emily into their classroom. Emily gets launched onto the cupboard. Impact, made the first aid box placed on the cupboard, to fall on Emily's head, further hurting her. Mrs. Martin, following the time and chaos in class appeared near the door. She saw that Emily has cuts on her face from Anastasia's nails.
    She gave both girls a terrorizing look and the duel was resolved. Chaos diffused and classroom filled up with students. Mrs. Martin opens the first aid box and says ,"Our friend Emily will now be the volunteer for my demonstration." First aid box was no longer a mystery.

    (This is my contest entry).
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    The author has connected the first aid box that was no longer a mystery story to the creative writing contest on the school box initiated by the site.
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    A very creative story by the author bringing out the importance of the first aid box. I was also trying to remember various sort of boxes that we used during our school days but this one did not catch my imagination. A good presentation by the author.
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    Good narration. There are many boxes that are present in a school and the first aid box is one such. When we travel in an RTC bus or Private bus, we see a particular place where a box will be kept and it will be marked as First AId Box. Once I have opened the box and seen inside. Only some empty water bottles were present inside. That is how they maintain the first aid boxes.

    But the same may not be the cases in schools, they may be maintaining it very carefully. In our high school, our Drillmaster used to have a first aid box and he used to keep in the playground during games periods. If any student was getting injured he used to give first aid. He used to keep all required items in it always.

    Keeping the first aid box is OK but there should be somebody who knows how to give first aid. Otherwise, it will be showpiece only. I think many of the teachers especially PE teachers will get trained in it. In our school, we were having two PE teachers. Both of them were using this first aid box.

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    Interesting entry by the author for the contest. In our times there was no awareness regarding first aid box and it's utility and we did not have it in our class. If someone got injured we took him to the nearest doctor's clinic.
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    Very creative and crisp writing from the writer. The story has got the full content about the first aid kit and the excitement is clearly shown by the writer on the two kids. The narration and the dialogue between the newly made friends are apt and natural. Whenever some new things are bought to the class, everyone starts discussing and assuming about what is inside it and curiosity is seen in children. The same curiosity is shown nicely by the writer. The flow, language, the story and the way it ended shows the writers inclination to writing. We did not have the first-aid kit during our schooling days as we had a full-time doctor in the compound and any injury would be referred to him. Only the major ones would be taken to the nearby hospital. As the doctor was strict and harsh, everyone hesitated to go to him and thus waited for the school to get over. The enrty is very good for the contest. All the best.
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    A good creative writing. The author nicely builds up mystery , scarinessand eagerness in the reader's mind. He could also show how easily studnts get worked up enter into quarrel. The anti-climax-climax was also enjoyable.
    Overall very interesting

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    A good write up including the discussion and conversational fights, a regular scene in the schools by students especially friends who occasionally change as a foe. These thoughts teach each other moral values and the observers also learn a lesson.
    The names of the characters are also different -Emily and Anastasia. Emily finally ended up to be a voluntary student for the demo on the first aid box which will be placed in the staff room or office room in a school.

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