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    Which education you find it stress free-education of the past or present generation ? Why?

    Education is an important tool for an individual to become more knowledgeable and prosper in life. The field of education has its own course of changes from past to present. Lot of developments took place in the field of education. Some people argue that the past education is more standard and also stress free. Some people argue that the present education is more standard and it has opportunoties to enjoy. When I think about my education in the past, it is more stress free than what I am observing at present. We never preferred to join in private schools and private colleges. At that time we used to think that studying in private institutions will hamper job opportunities in government posts. Parents never used to put stress on marks getting. I used to study with my own interest but never because of the pressure of parents. Upto 10th class we used to study in our local languages in government schools. We used to spend lot of time in playing games and sports. What is your experience with the education system you followed?
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    Education was never a stress to me. Probably that was the easiest in my life. I do not remember overexerting even before exams. I was always relaxed before exams and never took note or texts with me to school on exam day. I use to take only the pencil/pen and instrument box etc. I did not spend time in discussing the answers written after exams.
    I could know myself if I had answered wrong or not. Mostly the mistakes were due to carelessness and not because of lack of study.
    Though I had to take a lot of stress in my later life, thank God, it was so easy and stress free during my education. I wonder why today's student should undergo stress. It is the elders who unnecessarily get stressed and transfer it to them too.

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    Frankly speaking I never liked to go to school for those long hours of study and more study. I had interest in writing poems and articles etc and if I got time I did that instead of serious study. Then I also had some other hobbies which were in craft and fine arts but as I could not study in those areas, they remained like that and were not cultivated further. So, as I was already having some stress in that old system, I would not be able to impartially do this analysis. By default I completed my Post Graduation in humanities (as science was a far dream for me) and the day I qualified it, that was the day of freedom for me. I did not seek a job also as that was also not my cup of tea. I am a housewife and happy with my status.
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    When I was in my school studies, I never felt any stress. It is smooth sailing only. Entire education of mine was in government institutions only. I have not seen any private institute as a student, But I have seen private institutions as a teaching faculty on a part-time basis. We have games period every day and we used to play games in those periods. I was in the Scout movement also. I received the president 's scout certificate. We used to play and then read also. No stress or no force from my parents. My Uncle was a teacher in the same school. So I used to be very careful.
    We have no problem with homework also. The teachers were very reasonable and the quantum of homework used to be less only. Sometimes we used skip examinations also to attend some functions in our relations.
    There was no race for ranks those days. Your percentage in qualifying exam only will fetch you a seat. 70% of marks those days used to be very high. In our school, we were 100 students who attended tenth public examinations and only three students got above 60%. I was one among those three.

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    It is true that there is a big difference between past education and present education. When I was in school that time study was not burden like today. We used to enjoy with study. I had lot of time for playing games and having fun. Nobody gave me pressure for study and scoring good marks in examination. I used to sit for study with own interest. But today not as earlier. Now Parents force to their children for study since primary stage. School also keep vast syllabus for small child. Moreover, present education system has become digital. I think it has increased pressure upon children. Children after returning to home they do homework, assignment ,project and some computer work. Now Computer is basic requirements of modern education. They are avoiding outdoor games and want to sit in front of computer only. So they don't have much time for playing games. Their childhood have gone. As a result new generation people are being introvert and self -centred. They are incapable in sustaining up and down of life.

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    According to me past is stress free education. Then the teaching syllabus was fixed according to the necessity based on the class levels. Everything was in chronological (not corona) level that is stage by stage they taught students and thereby the continuity was there. Moreover the activities other than subject was very minimum and the main motto of sending school is to learn basic items of education. Nowadays they board every thing on the heads of students in the guise of modernization and in the thinking of that the student should know everything. In those days the subjects was designed to the average students and below average students brought up to the level of average and average students brought up to bright levels. Now the subjects are designed to general level and many students even above average are blinking. In primary schools the major subjects such as vernacular language, English(for general communication),Maths, science and social science are enough. Besides this moral instruction classes can be fixed. But nowadays the subjects are more and volume also more. It is equal to the weight on a sparrow.
    Above all the parents as well teachers are not having patient on children to educate them as in those days. In those days the uneducated parents, students with poor understanding were only sent for tuition but now the tuition to all students become compulsory as the parents made themselves free from the children.

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