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    My school box is the treasure of my thoughts and future

    When we were the students, there was no school bag concepts and in fact we were carrying aluminium box which can house the entire six period books besides pen, pencil eraser and even geometry box. And the highlight of that box is the handle which can be carried through hands and not like burdening the shoulders as done through the school bags of these days. And since it is the box, we need not worry about the rain or any other vagaries of nature and the books would be safe and secure. So we were carrying the treasure of our thoughts and future as everything is stuffed inside.

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    Very well said by the author. When we are studying. the performance in the studies will decide our future and indeed our life. So studies are very important. The textbooks and notebooks will have an important role to play in this. By reading those books we will improve our knowledge and wisdom. So the title of the thread is very apt.

    During my school days, some students were carrying aluminium boxes and some were carrying school bags( Not the type of present backpacks). I was using a bag only but my sister was using a box. A student should always take care of this box as it contains all the important items which are necessary for the future.

    The boxes will go for many years and I think only one box will be sufficient for high school studies. But bags can't be used for more than one or two years. This a point always my sister used to say when I wanted a new bag as the old one was spoiled. She used the same box for 5 years.

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    During our school days ordinary cloth bags were given by our parents that too different color bags given to differentiate. In spite of this,as told by the author,it drags my thoughts to 1966. As my younger brother interested in my school bag by colour, I gave my bag to him one day. Next few days went on leave as followed by holidays. After the holidays over, as usually we took our bags by forgetting the exchange between mine and my brother. On reaching class only I realized I took all second standard books of my brother. I immediately told the change of bag to our master and gone to his school and collected the bag which contained my books.
    Once entered to high school and college everything taken in hands only no bags as it was the style of then.

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    This entry took me to my first entry to school in our village. As ours is a remote village and basically everyone made a living by farming, school bags were just a thought. Most of the students carried their books directly in their hands, some in the plastic bags and only upper class were fortunate to have the aluminium school box. When I was admitted to the 1st standard, my father bought the aluminium school box fro me and my sister. We would carry it with a proud feeling and some elder would accompany us to school as we had to walk nearly 2-3 kilometres to reach school. I just had the fortune to carry it for a few months as we moved to Mumbai in August and there I used school bag as seen with every student. The feel of aluminium was something different than the common school bags used in cities.

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    When I was in Standard One, (There was no Pre KG, LKG & UKG) I never used to walk to school. My mother carried me on her lap and dropped me at school and picked me up after school. I was a pondered child then. So, my mother carried my slate and a book in her hand. I never used any school box, but bags only. After my sixth standard, the books were carried in hand. It was a style then.
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    I can understand and agree with what the author has said in the thread.
    I did not have necessity to carry lunch box or books-box to school as my school was just across the road. I could come home for lunch and even during recess. I used to carry only the boos and texts just for two classes beore recess and then take the balance books on coming during recess.
    Those days school gates were open and not closed as at present. There were no security scare those days.

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    I had seen a few students carrying the aluminium box but by then there was a change in the trend and students would bring books in school bags. I also struggled to manage the school bag as it would not last for more than a year, so my dad would buy the stitched bags for better shelf life.
    I would always go to my aunt's place during lunch hour to relish varieties of snacks along with my lunch box.

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