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    If you are a judge for some contest or event, what would be your modus operandi?

    Many times we criticise the verdicts and decisions given by the judges or a panel of judges in any contest or competition or any such matter and do not feel satisfied by it. We always think that they have not selected a proper candidate and there are some shortcomings in their approach or judgement. There is no problem in thinking like that as an individual we can think or infer whatever we want. But sometimes there are situations when we are asked to give a verdict. Let us assume that we are given an opportunity and responsibility to judge a contest or competition and are asked to give our verdict. My question is how in that position you would be going ahead in choosing the best candidate or the best entry or the best performance whatever the case may be. What would the methodology you would follow and what would be your approach. Can you share your thoughts as how you would identify the best performer or say top three performers as first, second and third. Please share your ideas.
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    The methodology will differ based on the type of contest.
    Generally, for these contests, a single judge will not be there. There may be 2 or 3 judges. Before the contest starts the three judges will meet and decide what are the points to be seen and what are the important points for which more marks are to be given. Then, the three will separately grade the participants. After the contest, they will find the top three persons based on the highest average mark they got.
    Just before the lockdown declared, I was in my native place and the Telugu New year day was the day of the beginning of Lockdown. In that village, an association was conducting some competitions. I was called there as a judge. Elocution competition for high school students. The topic was given by the organisers. The points we considered there for selecting the best are the way of expression, relevance to the topic. the quality of the language and behaviour while talking. There were three judges including me and we gave points separately and then based on the average we have given the top two performers.

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    In my opinion a judge should go by the merit only. Whoever is the best candidate the judge should vouch his vote for him. Sometimes problem comes when there are more and less equally performing candidates. In that case more number of judges might be required. In the court also if a party is aggrieved with the decision of a single judge then it can request the review of decision by a bench of judges.
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    If I were appointed as the judge to any event say the singing competition, I would go through best of the best performance rendered there and would decide those who are flawless with lyrics and syncing with the music without delay. What I feel that the judges are doing a very great mistake by judging the candidates singing already composed song and making out their modulation and presentation modes. In fact if I am being the judge would give each singer the lyrics prepared by me and ask them to compose and sing a new song of their own rendition which was not heard or copied from the past. That would be the right kind of judgement for a real singer to get highlighted.
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    What pleases the judge is the judgment. That is why we have too many judges to judge and select the best from the most judges. All the judges' mind is not the same. They differ from judge to judge. In certain contests, they have the areas to judge.
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    Firstly of all choosing, a judge is an important factor. The persons so chosen should have knowledge in various fields as well one key role should be common among all.
    Once the judges are selected, next comes the participants. Here each judge will be given similar criteria's as others and that they will not discuss while giving preferences. Once the competition is over the person who has chosen the judges has to collect the sheets and arrive at accumulated points to choose the winner. This procedure also includes the main judgement lying in the hands of the person who suggested the contest.

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