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    School days memories- intertwined with lunch box

    Old reminiscences of school days are still etched with mind and heart. Despite having a few bucks in pocket we would not consider ourselves less than a king. How beautiful those days were I long for. I wish I had those days back but what is gone is gone forever.

    After the 4th period the recess bell would be rung and all of us would be waiting for hearing sweet sound of the bell and no sooner had the bell rung than all-over permeated silence went off was norm of the days.

    Most of students would rush out of classes towards canteen, water tap or playground and I would open my lunch box to fill my tummy. We, friends, would share our food between us. Snatching the tiffin or even stealing others' food wasn't a crime or sin in our sight. Barter system in food items was common among us.

    Today, food prepared by any cook no matter how famous a cook is or how expensive food is, it can't be compared in taste to my school lunch box because my mother would also pack her love and affectation in that lunch box.

    A lunch box was something special which made me realize now that how our mother would love us, care about us and devoted her time for us.

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    In our times as we were going to school at 9:30 AM and usually we used to take food in the morning itself. In the school we used to get some mid day meal items there which was sufficient for our purposes. There were a few students who used to bring some snacks in their lunch boxes.
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    Nicely written. The lunch box gives special feelings particularly when we carry it to our schools. The box will be packed by the mother and she will add all her love and affection to the food and hence it will have a special taste. I agree with this statement of the author.

    When I read this post, I remembered my lunch box experience. My sister was one year senior to me. When she was studying 7th class I was in 6th class. My mother used to give one box to both of us. So I used to go to her during lunchtime and come back. She used to sit with her friends and I was not feeling very comfortable there. Then we both used to sit in a separate place and eat. But form my 7th class onwards I was getting my lunch box separately.

    These days I think in schools food is being given by the government itself. It is prepared in the school and served. So many of the people may not be carrying their lunch boxes.

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    The author has well connected the lunch time and the importance of lunch box each students would eagerly waiting to eat and share with others. It would be joy to see some students snatching our lunch box and eating the eatable and saying very nicely made and very tasty. Surely we would forget our hungry and would be happy to serve him further to eat and say good for the mummy who prepared the food. And some naughty friends would steal the lunch box and they would eat the ingredients much before we want to eat and such naughty moments happens only in schools with the close friends and we cannot complain the same to others.
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    While reminiscing my old days while going to my school. tiffin box was the essential part along with the books to be packed in my bag. We have had a tiffin time between 11:30 am and 12:00 noon and half an hour prior to this timing, I could feel some unusual sensation in my belly reminding me of the nearing time of the tiffin. I was in the habit of guessing of some of fascinating items inside the box. I could get good blends of breads littered with ghee, sometimes the butter and semi dried vegetables of my likings.
    It was the perfect blend of love of my mother which made the contents tastier. Still I do possess those sweet memories.

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    Lunch-box, the most waited time during our school days. Though we got just 15 minutes 1st break and 15 minutes in the second, it was more than enough to have our tiffins and even play for a while. Everyone waited for the 3rd period to get over and open the lunch/tiffin box. The first discussion of the day would be, " Tune kya laya aaj" i.e. What do you have in your tiffin, today". Ours was a boys school with a strength of 70 students in a class from all parts of India. As mentioned in the post, the barter system was the best example that could easily relate when we think of school tiffin time. Everyone shared their food and thus we enjoyed every cuisine from north, south, east and west. The taste of some specials brought by our friends is still clamped to my tongue and miss it. I have tried the same food in restaurants but miss the taste that we got during our school days. Is it because it had the joy that we shared or was it our love that we miss don't know but really, those were the best days of our life.

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    During school I never had occasion to carry lunch box, as my home was just across the road and I could come home during lunch hour to take food.

    In my time there was no system of pocket money.

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    Thanks a lot for this timely reminder.

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    Sharing of lunch is common scene visible in students during the school days. One of my friend would one full box of thick curd rice and we would add water to share amongst ten to twelve students.
    We were also planning our menu for the next upcoming days just like the time table.

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