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    How many of you tasted Mango sweet pachchadi

    Every year mango season is on between March and May. This year is somehow extended in June also. We used to prepare Mango sweet pachchadi frequently during the season and accordingly yesterday I got two huge mango from our garden. We prepared sweet pachchadi out of the mangoes and shared all of our family members as well to the family rented with us. How many ISCns enjoyed mango pachchadi this year?
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    We are also familiar with the Mango sweet pachhadi which is prepared frequently during the mango season by adding jaggery, and garnishing with mustard and jeera as thadka. It would be very tasty and we use the thothapari variety mango for this. Our children are also have special like for this kind of pachhadi. But this time due to lock down we are not allowed to go out and the grape, mango season as almost gone in Hyderabad. However from May end we are getting the mangoes and it is still available. It is said that once the rain starts we should not eat the mangoes as the insects sets automatically.
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    However we can get aampad, the pulp of mango made into layers from Vijayawada side. My father was very much interested to taste that. So whenever, I visit (actually I was visiting Hyderabad almost every month on office work then)Hyderabad I wait for the arraival of Vijayawada station for buying ampad for my father.

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    Aavakai made with jaggery is sweet in taste. With mango pesara aavakai made with moong dal flour is also very tasty. In Andhra we make menthi aavakai where roasted flour of fengreek seeds is used is also very excellent in taste. Maagai another pickle made with mangoes is also famous in Andhra. Pulihora Aavakai is another variety which is so exceptional in its taste. Nowadays due busy life all these varieties are not made in houses except few varieties. This year due to lockdown we are not able to prepare any pickle with mangoes. Mamidi tandra or mango jelly what you called as aampad is most of the times available in Andhra and especially they sell in Railway stations.

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    I have tasted mango pachchadi many times which was prepared by my neighbour. It is very good in taste. As a ingredients generally mango, mustard, jaggery and tamarind are used. Since I am staying in South india where this is considered as famous dish. Especially on the occassion of ugadi it is compulsory prepared by telugu people. In mango season people want to eat more. But this year we missed this recipe due to lock down. This year mango was less available in market compare to last year. That's why mango pachchisi was missing from menu.

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    The day it starts we start eating mangoes when way or other. We will make mango chatni as a side dish in lunch or dinner. We will be making coconut and mango mixed chatni also. Some will like this chatni with added sweetness. Some will like without sweetness. So we will make both the varieties and eat as per the liking. We mix mango with dal and cook and the taste is excellent. If you mix this dish with rice and add some ghee to it, the taste will be excellent.

    Papad will also be munched with this food and the taste will be excellent. During mango season we will never miss it.
    Mango pickles from Andhra are very famous. The families will make these pickles and store them for a year. In these pickles, we can jaggery also and that particular type is known as Jaggery mango pickle. ( Bellam Avakaya).

    Mango jelly made with mango fruit juice is available throughout the year and a well-made jelly will be very tasty. In Andhra people like this very much. There are some villages where they make this jelly and sell it. We will purchase tris from the makers in those villages.

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    Mango 'pachadi' is an item we prepare during the Mango season. This year also we prepared it a few times. Now the Mango season is coming to an end gradually.
    Today I was almost tempted to buy some ripe Mangoes. But as I already bought bananas and Pomegranate, I did not buy Mangoes. May be I may buy after two or three days if good variety is available.

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    In Andhra we make variety of pickles with raw mangoes in summer season which lost for one year. Out of different varieties of pickles made with raw mangoes Aavakai is most famous. Besides making pickles with raw mangoes, lot sweet varieties of mangoes we eat in summer season. Which other states use raw mangoes to make pickles that last one year?

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