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    Terms & Conditions for Posting - did you skim over them?

    At every website, you will come across the heading 'Terms & Conditions' that provides details of the site's policies for using the content on it or contributing to it. Similarly, here at ISC, when you click on the submit button, let's say, in the forum, a page appears with the heading 'Terms & Conditions for Posting in The Forum'. This is the case for other sections as well, where either there are terms and conditions or there are clear-cut instructions below the boxes assigned for the title and description (text).

    How many of you have actually read every word (and I mean every word) of the terms and conditions or instructions? If submitting for the first time, you are anyway supposed to do so, but if not, at least later you should be aware of whether or not you are submitting content properly. This is also the case when the site administrators are developing the templates and you will suddenly see some new instructions. Do you think, "I have been around here for years and basically this is the same thing." So you sort of skim over it or summarily dismiss it and hit the proceed button.

    I frankly admit that I recall once or twice skimming newly uploaded instructional text myself, in my haste to just submit content, but then making it a point to go back and read it thoroughly to know what was put up there. In doing so, I have found some minor English grammar errors also and requested the Webmasters to correct it.
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    While most of us are aware of the basic guidelines and rules of this site, some times we might have overlooked the rules and got punished by either rejecting or even getting negative points.

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    Many times it happens. We will not go through all the terms and conditions completely.

    There are two ways to go through one is to know the important points which we have to follow. The objective here is only to know all the terms. The other type of reading is proofreading. Proofreading in the sense is there any mistakes in grammar or spellings. I read all the terms and conditions to know the applicable terms and conditions for posting here. But I never read word to word or letter to letter. But generally the modus operandi I know.

    But it is not correct to accept the terms and conditions without understanding them and reading them completely. Especially when we go for investments and other issues related to financial matters we should read all the terms and conditions properly and then only we should put our signature. But with confidence on the person whom we know, we may be signing without reading completely.

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    Though it is advisable to read the Terms and Conditions anywhere, to be frank, I have not read that when I submitted my first post at ISC. It was all learned through my own mistakes, getting banned from posting and experiences from other members. It is bit painful to read lengthy terms and conditions. For other websites, I do overlook them.

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    I am here for the last nine-plus years. I sincerely did not read even a single line of terms of conditions. Why should we read the term and conditions when we feel perfect? In many places, the terms and conditions are so lengthy and boring that tests our patience. So, without going through it, with a confidence that nothing would go wrong.
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    If terms & conditions are not read, then later it is wrong to create a ruckus if one gets pulled up for content that did not adhere to the site's norms. Dr Rao made an interesting valid point, that we should not just read terms & conditions, but also understand them. Indeed, what's the use if we do not understand them and just blindly click on the accept button?

    Also, if one is habitual of skipping or skimming terms & conditions at a site, one is likely to do so even for an important document such as a form to be submitted to the bank or the insurance policy document. That may lead to some really serious issues.

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    When we purchase a vehicle or any costly items on loan, we need to sign many papers and affix many signatures on various pages. It would take more than an hour to read and understand their English. What a layman would do? We need to know only the gist or essence of it. And if we are sure of repaying the loan within the specified time period regularly, I think it is not necessary to go through the terms and conditions. The same is the case here.

    I won't mind saying this. At ISC, though there are Terms and Conditions, ISC doesn't go by it. At times they slip from it and maintain a dual standard.

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    Online or offline, while using anything if I find that it has some terms and conditions associated with it, I always read it. It's very important to read them because it's a kind of guidelines for using anything. Some time ago, I posted this thread regarding the importance of following the guidelines. From my personal experience, I found one thing. Those who are not habituated to read the terms and conditions they never do it in any case, whether it's related to posting contents on a website or something else. If you are not aware of the terms and conditions, you will never know whether you are doing the right thing or not. As for example, suppose you are posting on a website for the first time and the contents are suitable for children up to a certain age. If you use very uncommon words while posting, it may not be understandable by a large section of children who are using the website. Even the terms and conditions of the website also indicated using simple and common words. I hope, now you can easily understand what may happen if you do not follow the instructions.

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    I am here for almost 7- 8 years. I always read the terms and condition first time after that I quickly click the next or proceed button. It is my habit to read terms and condition first time whenever I visit any site.
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