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    What could be better word replacing "parcel' or take away

    When we go to the restaurant and want to have some eatables as the thing to the home, they make a temporary packing and call it as parcel. Now a days the online serving companies are bringing eatables in a cover called take away. What I feel that there should be different word for this as the parcel generally meant a huge thing being transported from one place to another through post office or the railway parcel service and take away is not the right word to sync with the eatables being fetched and brought to our homes. So think of the new word on this?
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    We may call this as 'home delivery' food. The food is being delivered by the people at our house. So 'take away' can be replaced with 'home delivery'. But if we go there and get the food we can't call as home delivery. So for that, we have to think of another word. 'food to carry' may be a good replacement for this. You can carry that parcel anywhere it may to the office or to the house also. So food to carry may be Ok for the food we are getting packed and carrying with us. These are the two words came to my mind after seeing this thread.
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    I don't like either the word parcel or the words take away. I would recommend this - Carry Home Food.
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    If you want to have a packed food item to be brought home after making the full payment of the same, what could be the best term for it? In this connection, I came across several terms but nothing proved so striking. The last term after the vigorous thinking finally emerged as Carry the best eatable. I would like to know your reaction.

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    It is a difficult exercise to find out better words than parcel or take way especially when they are so commonly being used by everyone including the service boys in the eatery. Still we can think of something like food packet or packed food etc.
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    Parcel is the word which was used for longer time. Off late after the malls have opened the delivery word is frequently used. I would not like to encourage a replacement as people know the word parcel better, even if he or she is an uneducated too.
    My favourite parcel food is masala dosa which is famous in South India till today.

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    ''Eat at home' ready foods may be a relevant name.

    Some enterprising person will definitely fnd a brand name and encash the oppotunity.

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    How about "Eat anywhere" or "Take anywhere"? Carrying food from the hotel in a packaged manner not necessarily mean that we will eat it at home. You could eat it anywhere else say in parks or any public place where it is allowed. So, I came up with these words. I would have a consideration of the words "Eat away" though it has a different meaning in general.

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