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    Jokes to relax please

    One day a student asked his English teacher, "Why do we ignore some letters in pronunciation. For example, h in hour, honor etc?" The teacher replied that we are not ignoring but they are considered to be silent. During the lunch break, the teacher asked the same student to get her packed lunch heated from the cafeteria. The boy went silently and ate all the food and returned the empty container. The teacher asked, "What happened, I told you to heat my food but the container is empty?" The student silently replied, "madam, I thought h was silent".
    One: Why there are small holes in the soapbox?
    Another: I don't know.
    One: If the holes are big, the soap will fall out
    Judge: (to the accused): 500 rupees fine or one-month jail, which do you prefer?
    Accused: Please give me 500 rupees only sir.
    One mother was appreciating her son,' my son will buy a matchbox only after counting all the sticks in the box'
    Another retorted,' my son is too intelligent. He will buy a matchbox only after checking whether all the sticks are burning'
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    As expected the author has shared good jokes and I was expecting since many days and the first joke can be converted as the competition entry topic which has the humor and matter.
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    Jokes are good. I enjoyed the jokes. I remembered a joke after reading the soapbox joke.
    A customer went to a hotel and ordered a cup of tea. The waiter brought and kept on the table. The customer sees that there was an ant in the tea. He called the waiter and showed him.
    The reply given by the waiter is very funny. Do you expect elephants in place of ants for the mone you are giving for tea?

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    Good Jokes. Enjoyed all, especially the last burning sticks.
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    Another thread from the author on jokes.

    Good jokes ! Thanks.

    Such threads change mood of the users.

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    Good compilation. I liked the first one. It has a good punch.
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    So brilliant student, may be listening to the teacher for such a long time made him to empty the box which would be filled with his favourite dish. Students usually smell and recognise the food.

    I recall one of my friend coming to school applying the garlic hair oil prepared by her grandmother which she would apply atleast weekly once. That day we friends would try to avoid her because if the smell.

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    With Whatsapp and othersimilar facilities we get to read a lot of jokes and trolls everyday . However many such jokes are quite humorous that we do not feel bored even after reading repeatedly.

    Some such jokes are given in the thread.

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