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    School Lunch Box Converted their Eating Habit

    After the Corona, when normalcy was resumed and schools got opened, Ashok S/o Anand and Ashok S/o Bharath joined their new school. Both the Ashoks studying in the 3rd standard were put up in section 'B' of Std III. This was the first day in school, both Ashoks wondered to see their name being similar and they befriended. They introduced each other. They were also seated adjacent to each other.

    During the lunch break, both friends wanted to interchange their lunch boxes and taste the different lunch prepared by their mothers. Both agreed gladly and interchanged their lunch boxes. They opened the box and ate the dish. One Ashok commented and said, "What a lovely dish, Ashok. My mother never prepared such a dish." The other Ashok also ate and commented, "OMG! What a peculiar and lovely dish, Friend. My mother never prepared such a lunch in my life. From tomorrow, I will ask my mother to prepare lunch like this." The other Ashok also said, "Right, I will also ask my mother to prepare it like this. Let us leave some lunch to show to our mothers."

    When they returned home, they showed their lunch box to their mother and said that they wanted such dishes in the future. Their mothers tasted the leftover lunch. A Anand's mother did not like the taste as it was a non-vegetarian dish. She told her son, "Son, this is meat that we don't eat. We are Brahmans. We cannot have it." But Ashok insisted his mother that he won't mind eating meat as it is very tasty." Ashok was adamant. Due to this, and not to disappoint their only son, their whole family converted to Non-vegetarian.

    On the other side, Ashok's mother tasted the leftover lunch and said, "Excellent. This is a well prepared vegetarian dish. I like it." Ashok said, "Mom, I do not want any more non-veg dish. From now on, I want only a vegetarian dish." Mom said, "Okay. As you wish."They stopped eating meat and preferred only vegetables, and became vegetarian.

    Thus, both the Ashoks converted themselves from non-vegetarian to vegetarian, and vice verse. It is the lunch box that changed them.

    My entry to the short creative story writing contest on School - Box.
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    Good story and the author narrated the story very well. A linch box changed the eating habits of both families. Excellent. After getting converted whether again tasted each other box is the question getting to my mind. If they have exchanged the boxes what might have been their reaction for the dishes. The story will get extended. My appreciations to the author.
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    While the author took the pain to connect the topic with the competition entry what I feel that with the post-Covid, the parents would have advised the children not to exchange their lunch box for obvious reasons. Moreover, a child who is habituated to the vegetarian has been changed to have non-vegetarian food and vice versa. It is not syncing to my acceptance because when we were in school we would never sit with those friends who are habituated to bring non-vegetarian food often and thus we would sit with those who carry vegetarian food and even the parents would verify our box once we return back to the home.
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    In this story, the boys never exchanged information regarding their diet and they never discussed it. What they knew was only Lunch. Since the Vegetarian boy never tasted meat before, it was very delicious and tasty to him. Here, the preparation of the dish matters. So the story was that.

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    The story and concept of lunch box that changed the two boys and the entire family to adapt vegetarian and visa-versa is good but there are many questions that arise with it. When the little boy had non-veg, he liked it because it was his first time and was from a brahmin family. Her mother told him about what he had and it was good to know that being the only son and wanting his happiness, the full family started eating non-vegetarian food which is a bit not convincing. It could be fine if they would prepare only for their son but others would not eat as they were brought up in an orthodox way.

    Now, in the second case, as many believe that vegetarian food is healthiest, it is acceptable that they liked the vegetarian food and would start eating vegetarian food but leaving the non-veg food is again not convincing. I have a catholic friend who doesn't eat even egg but in his family, everyone else eats non-vegetarian food. They prepare separate food for him and it gets worse during parties as they have to keep vegetarian food for him. I also have friends whose family is a strict vegetarian but he like eating non-vegetarian and always insist of having food at our home. I just want to convey that taste do differ by person to person but when we talk about the full family changing for the child, it may happen. It is said that food is a way to men's heart and here it was for the family and it shows that food well prepared can change people and families.

    Note: Kindly refer to 1 point of the rule [1. The story should be in English only and must include one relevant link (not more than one) to any section of ISC]. You have not provided any internal link in the thread.

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    The story starts with a SuN touch.
    Good stories are those which makes us ask whether this can happen. This story also makes us ask so. There are too many co-incidences for dramatic effect.
    At the end if it entertains then it is a worthy one.

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    That means the author has introduced the mischievous behavior of the student friends who are bound to do such acts much to our chagrin and yet we enjoy such nuances.
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    No...No...Mr Mohan,
    It is not at all mischievous behaviour. It is the innocent behaviour of two innocent new friends on the first day of their school. It happens. There are students from vegetarian families who visit non-veg restaurants secretly to taste well prepared delicious meat. Even I have many Brahmin friends who eat meat. Eating meat is not a sin. Meat is also God created food. Look at Jesus who distributed five Appam(cakes) and 2 fishes to a crowd of 5000 people.

    When Kannappa Nainar offered the cooked meat to Lord Shiva with true devotion, Lord Shiva blessed him. Even there is a non-vegetarian Shiva, who is the deity in Paraseenikadavu of Kozhikode district in Kerala. Dry fish is the Lord's favourite dish.

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    When we make friends we always check their background and understand their lifestyle, eating habits to inform about our likes and dislikes to them too. We have seen many vegetarian and non-vegetarian classmates who never brought it to school as it was against rules. We could not face any such problems in our school days.

    It was thoughtful of bringing two identical characters within the story.

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