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    Different desires satisfied by one of the schools box

    In my school days,My friends and myself will be using the geometry box not only for having the Compass, Protractor,Set squares,etc., But also for to have money,Kungkumm (or kumkum) and chocolates. Our wishes will be fulfilled by the geometry box. For example to say :
    Our Teacher will be telling us to buy unruled papers for the test before one week,but we will forget to buy it among other controversies . On the morning of after one week,we will be remembering that to buy papers for test after entering our school campus and we emerge school security uncle to buy some papers. At that time ,our geometry box having Rs. 5 coins ,help us to buy those papers. At the same time we will be going to our nearby school temple .As I am not good at Maths I will pray to the God to get good marks and I have some kungkum in my head. I will drop the remaining Kungkumm in my geometry box. Our Security uncle will come and give the papers and instead of giving the rupee of change ,the man will give us chocolates. As to keep those chocolate secretly that is hiding from my friends. I will keep them under the wrapper in the geometry box. Unforgettable days of my childhood memories.

    This is the entry for my contest - Creative writing
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    So nice contribution from the author as she connects the innocent way of school life keeping important things in the geometry box which served a lot in different ways.
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    Geometry box was one box where girls used to keep small coins. When they purchase some items, they used to open the geometry box and give the change from that. Generally, boys used to keep coins in their pockets. Those days when we were using geometry boxes only coins used to be there with children. Rs.1/- is a big amount and children were not allowed to carry that to school. Those days when some relatives come to see us used to give a few coins to us. we used to spend them to purchase some eatables while going or coming back from school. Beautiful coloured geometry boxes were coming those days.
    Good contribution from the author.

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    Interesting satire presented by author depicting the multiple usage of the geometrical box. The nostalgic memories of the items which were being stored in that particular geometrical box are really an impressive way to remember those times.
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    It is true. I also have similar such experiences wherein the school fees would be securely hidden in between the paper which would be placed in geometry box as a support element.

    One more aspect is whenever I got a new pencil that would never fit my geometry box hence I would break the pencil lead with force and mend it again to somehow fit it in. Erasers were a basic element required for a maths-geometry class. I would rub the eraser to the wall to keep it free from dirt before the class starts.

    It is really wonderful that some many memories are rejuvenated through this thread.

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    A true, naive and simple narration. School girls used to keep such things in their Geomery box. The author may be thinking that she only keeps chocolate. hideden from others. Other girls also would have similar 'hidings'.
    But in the present day the taking of Chocolates and eatables from others may be discouraged as precaution. The parents and teachers afvise such precautions to students..
    I appreciate the simple sincere narration.

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    In those days, having a geometry box was a proud feeling as many could not afford. For everything, we had a specific class to get like ink pen when we reach high school i.e. 5th standard, ball pen was allowed only after 8th standard, Geometry box was bought only after the high school class as earlier we had Algebra and geometry from 8th standard. Students would eagerly wait to have the geometry box and would always think of reaching the 8th standard to have one such box. The thought of my first geometry box is refreshed by your post. All the best for the contest.

    Note: Kindly refer to 1 point of the rule [1. The story must include one relevant link (not more than one) to any section of ISC]. You have not provided any internal link in the thread.

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    A nice contribution by the author depicting the use of the Geometry- box. It had always been convenient to put some coins of different denominations to be used in case of emergencies. It could be a purchase of rubber or some loose sheets of papers for the class test purpose or other stationaries required.

    However, for the male students, it could be a matter of pride possession for them due to the purchase of costly variants whereas others were content with the cheap ones. A few had no geometry box and in the classroom, they lent it from their classmates to complete the construction whenever the teacher asked for it.

    For both the genders, the utility of the same varies.

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