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    A worried School CS Box

    One day, during the school's PTA meeting, Nirmala's father proposed the school authorities to position a complaint box to facilitate the students and their parents to post their complaints against the school, school authorities and teachers, and also to post suggestions for improvements. The Headmistress Mrs. Nandini accepted the proposal and placed a box with a writing 'CS Box' on it. It had no lock, but a latch only.

    The HM nominated a teacher to open the CS box daily to see the complaints and suggestions received and to put it to the HM for necessary action. During the first month, the nominated teacher Mr. Naresh was regular in opening the CS box. But he did not see even a single complaint or suggestion in that box.

    The HM and Teacher had personal discussions and decided not to open the CS box daily but once in a week only. And they provided a lock to that box. During the second month, the CS box received no complaint or suggestion. Then they decided to open the CS box once in a quarter. Yet they did not receive any complaint or suggestion. Further, it was decided to open once in six months. Yet they found no complaint or suggestion.

    During the next PTA meeting, many parents complained that the school Admin has not taken any action against their complaints posted in the CS Box. The HM got astonished and looked at Mr. Naresh. Mr. Naresh said, "There was no complaint received in the CS box for the last six months." The HM assured investigation of the missing complaints.

    Thereafter, every parent crossing the CS box would say "Useless CS Box" and ignored it. The box started worrying about it.

    Dear Readers,
    What could have gone wrong with the CS box and the complaints? What is the mystery behind the CS box? How and why the complaints were missing? I leave it to your guess. Your interesting creative answers are welcome.

    This is an out of the box story, not a competition entry.
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    There is no point in not having a lock to the complaint box. I have seen many complaint boxes but anywhere I have not seen a complaint box without a lock. Anybody can open the box and take away the complaints. Some teachers or even the HM can open and through away the complaint as there is no protection for the CS box. Probably the students and parents thought, there is no use in putting complaints in the box. I don't understand why the parents not asked for a lock to the Complaint box. I am not able to understand this point.

    In our company, we had a suggestion box. It will be always in locked condition only. The Safety Manager of the company will have the lock. He will open once in 7 days and show the papers to the General Manager of the company.

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    Okay Mr, Rao,
    The story has a change. The box was provided with a lock after a month.

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